Microsoft 365 atWork partners with AFI.AI, the developer of modern data protection platform built from the ground up to deliver a fully-fidelity backup for MICROSOFT 365 and GOOGLE WORKSPACE.

Are you planning a budget for the Microsoft 365 Backup service? You will need to analyze the costs of such a service to secure data in Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams. In the video, you will find information about the costs of Backup service provided by Microsoft – storage based and Third-Party vendors – User-based.

Learn how Microsoft 365 Backup pricing looks on the Microsoft side and third-party vendors.

The Truth About Microsoft 365 Backup Pricing

⏰ Timestamps

00:00 – Title

00:04 – Introduction

00:48 – AFI.AI – Sponsor of this video

01:16 – Microsoft 365 Backup service by Microsoft

02:45 – Costs of Microsoft 365 Backup – Microsoft

06:35 – Costs of Third-Party backup – AFI.AI

07:48 – Conclusion

08:44 – Outro

The Truth About Microsoft 365 Backup Pricing


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The Truth About Microsoft 365 Backup Pricing