Licensing of Office 365 could be challenging when you will see all available plans and applications.

I prepared a comparison of all Office 365 plans, pricing, and feature matrix. Get to know Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Microsoft 365 contains currently dozens of available applications. At the same time, at least a few most popular Microsoft 365 plans differ in available features in it. Sometimes it could be really difficult to tell which Office 365 app is present in which plan.

I summarized the matrix of the most important business features spread across key Office 365 plans. You can easily tell based on Office 365 feature comparison matrix if the app is present in the chosen Microsoft plan.

Comparison of Office 365 & Microsoft 365 plans and features


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Compare Office 365 & Microsoft 365 plans, pricing and features

Below you can check the feature matrix prepared for the most popular Office 365 subscriptions.

You will be able to review which applications are present in which Office 365 plan. Take a look at Microsoft 365 feature comparison matrix a review your plans with the available feature list.

Do You miss any features in Office 365 features list comparison matrix?

Maybe I can test the Office 365 plan

Microsoft 365 plans are not free, but … you can start with the 30 days trial subscription and play it before you will decide to put investments in new tools or get totally free license for the testing, development purpose.

Microsoft Office 365 Trial licenses:

Microsoft 365 Business Premium 30 days Trial Subscription

Microsoft 365 Business Standard 30 days Trial Subscription

Office 365 E3 30 days Trial Subscription

Office 365 E5 30 days Trial Subscription

Free Microsoft 365 Developer license

If you would need Microsoft 365 plan for the testing, development or deliver Proof of Concept for your client you can use totally free Office 365 Developer program

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Compare Office 365 plans, pricing and available features. Understand the differences between Microsoft 365 plans and detailed pricing.

Comparison of Office 365 & Microsoft 365 plans and features