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Consider using Free Version of Microsoft Viva Learning as a centralized e-learning platform in your organization. Aggregate your training materials in one, central learning app in Microsoft Teams. Configure Viva Learning for desktops and mobile devices and start to share knowledge in your organization.

Deploy FREE Microsoft Viva Learning

⏰ Timestamps

00:00 – Title

00:11 – Introduction

01:32 – What Viva Learning app is?

03:01 – Microsoft Viva Learning Free limitations

06:14 – Setup Free Viva Learning – Create SharePoint site

07:22 – Setup Free Viva Learning – Configure Viva Learning

10:15 – Setup Free Viva Learning – Set up data repository and metadata

16:04 – Setup Free Viva Learning – Grant access to trainings

18:18 – Use Microsoft Viva Learning app in Teams

21:42 – Conclusion

22:44 – Outro

Deploy FREE Microsoft Viva Learning


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