Communication with business users is one of key elements of a successful adoption process.

Hanging adoption posters around office space could help to inform and engage your colleagues.

Office 365 Adoption Posters

For readers of the blog, I did prepare 6 editable, ready to print Adoption posters. You can use download these posters for free!

How to get access to posters?

To get access to the posters just registers into blog newsletter ๐Ÿ˜‰

After registration, you will get access to all adoption tools shared on the blog (if you are already registered you will find the link to files in the last email).

Posters are shared in Word format so you can use Office Suite to edit them.

Please feel free to edit the posters and adapt it to your organization as you wish. At the same time please do not resell them to other organizations or people. The main idea of them is to share them for free. Thanks.

Where to hang the posters?

The idea of the posters is to inform about new tools and inspire employees to use Office 365 applications. Posters could be hang in main locations where your colleagues will be when they get up from the desk

I highly recommend locations, like:

  • reception
  • meeting rooms
  • office kitchen / canteen
  • long hallways



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Hi, my name is Szymon Bochniak. I'm working as Office 365 Delivery Manager focused on business processes that help the organization in digital transformations. The mainย goal of my daily work is to improve business productivity using Office 365 platform thanks to the Adoption of Cloud Apps.

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