Microsoft 365 atWork partners with AFI.AI, the developer of modern data protection platform built from the ground up to deliver a fully-fidelity backup for MICROSOFT 365 and GOOGLE WORKSPACE.

Large organizations working in complex technical environments that could contain multiple SaaS platforms.

In such a scenario in one organization, there could be multiple Google and Microsoft environments that’ need backup.

Backup of the Microsoft 365 tenant data is one of the most important aspects of a long-term strategy for the cloud. organizations need to prepare a budget for backup and plan how to backup data in Teams, SharePoint, or Outlook.

What about a scenario where an organization contains multiple Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace environments that need backup?

Learn about multi-cloud backup solutions for Google and Microsoft.

Multi-cloud backup solution for Microsoft and Google


Prepare yourself and your organization for Generative AI and Microsoft Copilot.

What is AFI.AI Backup?

Afi.ai is a cloud-based data management platform that specializes in backup solutions for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). With a focus on data protection, scalability, and ease of use, Afi.ai ensures the safety of critical business data. Additionally, it offers Kubernetes backup and management services, allowing organizations to safeguard their entire Kubernetes stack effortlessly. Whether you’re managing documents in the cloud or handling complex applications, Afi.ai simplifies the process and maintains data integrity. 

Multi-cloud backup solution for Microsoft and Google

Multi-cloud organizations and backup

Multi-cloud organizations benefit significantly from having centralized backup solutions. Having one centralized system that manages multiple backup processes across multiple Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace cloud environments could help IT Administration team.

Factors that you should consider in the area of multi-cloud backup:

  1. Data Redundancy and Availability:
    • Running a multi-cloud backup strategy allows organizations to have different or the same data sets stored across multiple clouds.
    • In the event of a ransomware attack or an outage, having strong backup solutions ensures that mission-critical systems and data can be restored quickly and effectively.
  2. Consolidation and Efficiency:
    • As enterprises create vast amounts of data, managing backups across multiple platforms becomes complex.
    • Centralized backup management streamlines operations by allowing all backups to be managed from a single platform.
    • Automation and orchestration play a crucial role in ensuring efficient data protection.
    • Simplified recovery process for the data for the whole organization.

Adopting a centralized backup approach ensures data safety, availability, and efficient management across diverse cloud environments.

How AFI.AI address multi-cloud backup?

Afi.ai offers backup solution for 3 main platforms:

In one centralized system you can access to the backup platform for all of your cloud SaaS platforms, using

Robust backup solutions for Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite. With a focus on data protection, scalability, and ease of use, Afi.ai ensures the safety of critical business data stored within Google Workspace applications.

Multi-cloud backup solution for Microsoft and Google

Rapid backup solutions for Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365.  Afi.ai backup solution simplifies data protection, recovery, and compliance for businesses relying on Microsoft 365 services. provides regular automated backups of Microsoft 365 resources, including Exchange Online, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business.

Multi-cloud backup solution for Microsoft and Google

Modern Kubernetes backup and management services, simplifying data protection for organizations using Kubernetes.  Afi.ai’s Kubernetes backup services offer peace of mind to organizations managing complex containerized applications, allowing them to focus on innovation and growth.

Multi-cloud backup solution for Microsoft and Google

Afi.ai effectively addresses multi-cloud backup needs through its multi-geo capabilities. Let me explain how:

  1. Data Residency Compliance:
    • Afi.ai ensures compliance with data residency requirements by allowing organizations to back up their Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace data to multiple Afi geo-regions.
    • For instance, a multinational company with branches in the United States and Europe can back up users’ data to the relevant Afi data-center region based on their country.
  2. Supported Afi Regions:
    • Afi.ai supports several regions, including the USA, Canada, the EU, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
    • These regions serve as backup destinations for different data sets, ensuring data availability and adherence to local regulations
  3. Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo Integration:
    • Afi provides out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft 365 multi-geo tenants.
    • During Microsoft 365 onboarding, Afi detects if the tenant has the multi-geo feature enabled and configures geo-location-based resource mapping for such tenants.
  4. Manual Resource Mapping for Google Workspace and Non-Multi-Geo Microsoft 365 Tenants:
    • For Google Workspace tenants and Microsoft 365 tenants without the native multi-geo feature, Afi offers a multi-region backup.
    • However, manual resource mapping is required instead of automatic setup.

Multi-geo capabilities simplify multi-cloud backup management, ensuring data protection, compliance, and efficient resource allocation across diverse regions.

When to use AFI.AI multi-cloud backup solution?

This enterprise-ready reliable backup solution could help you to secure your Office 365 and Google data. Remember you can use this solution for 4 weeks without any commitment for free!

If you looking for a centralized backup platform for your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces AFI.AI could help you address that need.

But before you will buy it test it for free.

Multi-cloud backup solution for Microsoft and Google


Prepare yourself and your organization for Generative AI and Microsoft Copilot.

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Multi-cloud backup solution for Microsoft and Google