Office 365 Change Management & Adoption – Top free resources

  1. Office 365 Change Management & Adoption – Why you need change & adoption process
  2. Office 365 Change Management & Adoption – Editable adoption posters
  3. Office 365 Change Management & Adoption – How to choose Business Champions
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  5. Office 365 Change Management & Adoption – Top free resources
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Starting the process discovery, training and Office 365 Adoption requires complex preparation.

Before any activity will be executed you need to prepare flyers, posters, presentations and training. Thankfully I heavy for you ready to use resources.

I would like to share with you the most valuable Office 365 Adoption Tools that are available for free download.

For the subscribers of the #O365 Champions newsletter, I did aggregate the most valuable resources in one place. You can download all the necessary materials from one place.


Download: Office 365 Adoption Tools

Office 365 Adoption posters

On Office365 atWork I prepared adoption posters that you can download, edit, print and hang around your office. You have the possibility to download adoption posters for the Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Planner, OneDrive, Office ProPlus and Power Platform.



Download Office 365 Editable Adoption Posters


Office 365 Adoption Guide

Microsoft prepared a great 64 pages Adoption Guide that could help you to prepare and plan the adoption process in your organization. You will find there the best practices related to Office 365 Adoption, including checklists, timelines, email templates and planning advice.



Download Office 365 Adoption Guide


Microsoft Teams Adoption Book

Online training materials dedicated to Microsoft Teams provided by Microsoft in FlipBook format. You will find there templates and YouTube based trainigs focused on the Microsoft Teams usage.

Open Microsoft Teams FlipBook 


Microsoft OneDrive Adoption Resources

OneDrive Adoption Resources site contains a lot of great tools that you can use to help your users. You can download Adoption playbook, Project plan, Communication plan, satisfaction surveys and much more.

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Download OneDrive Adoption Resources


Microsoft SharePoint Adoption Resources

Similar to the above complex package of materials like templates of emails, timelines, communication and use case scenarios. In this case, they are strongly focused on SharePoint Online.


Download SharePoint Adoption Resources  


FastTrack Office 365 Adoption Resources

Huge respository of the training and adoption resources is hosted on FastTrack site. You will be able to download a lot of materials for every Office 365 App you want to promote in your organization. FastTrack contains materials, such as flyers, email templates, posters and guidelines.


Download a huge package of FastTrack Resources


Office 365 Adoption Training Portal

This is a must-have for every organization that rollout Office 365. On-demand training platform for new users that contains training materials provided and maintained by Microsoft is really great way to speed-up training and adoption process.


Deploy Office 365 Adoption training portal



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