Review how your business users using Office 365 application. Analyze how communication and collaboration work in your Microsoft 365 environment using Productivity Score.

Analyze user adoption of the Microsoft 365 applications.

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Start to use Productivity Score reports in Microsoft 365


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Start to use Productivity Score to analyze how your organization uses Office 365. Productivity Score is a part of the analysis tools in the Office 365 Admin Panel 2, which is all be for free, probably by design. The only thing you have to do is turn it on. Based on that, you can start to analyze how your business users using Office 365 features, how the communication works, how the collaboration works, where there are the spaces for improvements for the training, and how you can improve the quality of work and utilization of Microsoft 365 features. Use detailed reports presented on the organization level and find the spaces where you can do the improvement. If you like this video, please left your thumbs up if you want to get access to more videos please subscribe the channel and now we will switch to my screen. Another useful application from the perspective of the adoption process of Office 365 users is something called productivity score. This is the new solution provided by Microsoft which allows you to build reports that show how usage from perspective components of Office 365 changes time. This is not something that will allow you to drill down very deeply into the information about who uses the world, but it is very useful from a perspective. Having high-level management decisions about what to do, what the approach works for us, what we have to change. The report shows the scores about the usage of some components of Office 365 from 0 to one and you can see how this is changing in time. To enable it, just go to the productivity score and select enable productivity score and again very similar way. You will need to wait sometime to get that working in place. But after that time you will be able to get access very quickly to the report that will be refreshed and will show you how some components of what you using changing time. Your environment will need about 48 hours to do the calculation from perspective. How your organization uses Office 365 and then will deliver some kind of dashboard with the rating group for communication, meetings, content, collaboration, teamwork and mobility. Of course, this is very high-level information, but it shows how your score differs in time. So how your activities would you doing like adoption like training or maybe. Roll out of the new application, impacting the communication in the organization or the meetings or the content collaboration. Of course, you can see there is also something called score which is calculated based on how strongly your user using Office 365 in the description of this lesson, you will also found their way how this ratings are calculated. This would be very important for you to do the proper analysis of this results. But also you can see this is something very useful from perspective of starting the work with Office 365, especially from perspective of adoption and the measurement in the recommended documentation you will find how exactly this scores are calculated if you will select the title of specific section, you can see additional ratings presented in here. Again, this is not detailed report that show exact data about that, but you can see some kind of parameters and especially parameters change in time. But not for every component present in here, so it’s not something that will allow you to easily connect the dots about elements presented in here, but still, it’s worth to check how specific elements are displayed here and how title components change in time. The one element which is missing from my perspective is how these elements changes in time. There is some kind of diagram like it here, but still not for every parameter. Which you can see here. Plus there’s no great API to to get that data by yourself. The one more thing you cannot do the drill down. Of course you can check the results here at specific date, but still this is not something that allows you to drill down to the very specific data, so I would recommend to use something like that in the discussions with the high-level management rather to do some very deep analysis. Says on the productivity score present that he. As you can see, setup of productivity score is very easy. Of course, in the present detailed the organization. So my personal attendant is very small, so there’s no big data there. But still, if you will enable it on your larger organization, you will get much more detailed information about what’s going on and how people work with each other using teams or any other collaboration tool like SharePoint and OneDrive.

Start to use Productivity Score reports in Microsoft 365