Planner is Microsoft response for applications like Trello. This simple task management solution perfectly fits the team level of task management. Microsoft Planner platform is highly integrated with tools like Teams and SharePoint

Use Teams and SharePoint to deliver additional collaboration channels for your Plans in Planner.

  1. How to integrate Microsoft Teams with SharePoint
  2. How to integrate Microsoft Planner with Teams & SharePoint
  3. Build business application for Microsoft Teams
  4. Integrate new Yammer with Microsoft Teams
  5. New Yammer web parts for SharePoint Online

How coexistence of Microsoft Planner, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams works

Microsoft Planner is strongly based on Microsoft Office 365 Group. Every Group which is created gets Teams in Microsoft TeamsModern Team Site in SharePoint and Planner instance. In such an approach, all these platforms can be very quickly integrated with each other.

Integrate Microsoft Planner with Microsoft SharePoint

In the first step, you can quickly integrate you Plans from Planner with SharePoint Team site. On your team site just choose New (1) button and then Plan (2).

On the new window, you will be able to Create a plan by putting Plan name and choosing to Create button. You can also choose an existing plan by Use an existing plan instead (1) option.


In the next step, you can setup integration with Planner by choosing you Plan in Select an existing plan (1) option and by Create (2) button.

I highly recommend to left Show in site navigation option turn on. thanks to that you will be able to quickly navigate to your plan.

Thanks to setted integration you will get fully functional integration with Planner based on Board and Charts tabs.


Finally, you can also bring information from Planner directly to your pages, news or event thanks to Planner web part that can be used.



You can implement workflows using Office 365. In few steps, you can digitalize business processes.


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Tasks by Planner and To Do app for Microsoft Teams

At the end of 2020 Microsoft introduced a new Teams application for tasks managements across Office 365: Tasks by Planner and To Do. The new Tasks app integrates To Do and Planner with Microsoft Teams in a new, unified way. Since now you will have the possibility to manage the personal tasks from ToDo and task from project management in your teams done in Planner in one new application

On every level in Microsoft Teams you will be able to deliver comprehensive tasks management experience.

Add the Tasks by Planner and To Do app to the Microsoft Teams

Integrate To Do and Planner with Microsoft Teams in a centralized Tasks app. To add the new app open More apps (2).

Search for Tasks by Planner and To Do app and Add it.

Added Tasks by Planner and To Do application summarize all tasks from Planner and To Do. You can manage the tasks added across the Office 365 applications.

Integrate Microsoft Planner with Microsoft Teams

In Microsoft Teams you can include Planner components very similar way to SharePoint integration.

To include Planner into Teams Tab choose + button.

In Add a tab windows choose Planner tile.

In next window choose to Create a new plan (1) or Use an existing plan from this team (2) and publish it to Teams by choosing Save.

Planner application will be included as a dedicated Tab with the option to display Board view.

Following the view that can be chosen is Charts.

In the last view, you can display Schedule view.

The displayed application is fully functional. You can add additional tasks, buckets etc.