Sometimes it could be required to migrate Microsoft Planner in Office 365 to another tenant, group or team.

Planner is a great tool for task management. Learn how to migrate Planner plan to new group or tenant.

Microsoft Planner is a great collaboration tool based on the Kanban-like model. You and your colleagues can manage your tasks and projects using a very intuitive and simple project management tool. Planner application is closely connected with Microsoft 365 Group and Teams and SharePoint was created on top of it.

How to migrate Planner plan


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When you working actively based on Planner plans it could be required to migrate them to a new location like new group, separated Office 365 tenant or another team in Teams.

You are able to do some of these Planner migrations by yourself using available features. In other cases, you will need third-party solutions to migrate Planner data.

How to migrate the existing Planner plan to a new group or team?

In case you are using Microsoft Planner and you want to migrate or copy it between groups or teams you will be able to do that using ready features. Microsoft Planner allows you to copy Planner to another existing group or Microsoft Teams team.

To migrate your existing Planner to a new group or Microsoft Teams open the plan and select plan options *** (1) and select Copy plan (2).

How to migrate Planner plan

In the new window, you will have the possibility to set up the migration of the existing Planner plan to the new group/team. Configure the Title (1) of the plan, select the targeted group (2) and fields you would like to migrate (3).

When you will be ready select the Copy plan (4) button.

How to migrate Planner plan

After a few moments your Planner plan will be migrated to another group or team.

How to migrate Planner plan

How to migrate Planner from one tenant to another?

Migration of Microsoft Planner to the new tenant is possible only with third-party commercial tools that allow such operation.  By design, you will not be able to migrate your existing data in Microsoft Planner from your tenant – your Office 365 environment to a new tenant – separated Microsoft 365 environment.

In case of Planner migration between tenants, you will need to plan an additional budget to buy a Planner migration tool that will help you to manage the migration process.

Planner migration tools available on the market:

  • Sharegate Desktop – recommended
  • Apps4.Pro Migration Manager

Remember because you will use a third-party solution for the migration test it first on the Sandbox environment.


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Migrate existing Microsoft Planner plan to a new tenant, group or team. Collaborate with your colleagues in Planner in a new location.

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