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Microsoft announced and published a new application that will be a collaboration oriented tool in Office 365.

Microsoft Lists will be a new modern approach of using lists known from SharePoint.

Microsoft Lists is globally available on all Office 365 tenants and gives the possibility to build new modern business applications. If you today working with your colleagues using shared Excel files, Microsoft Lists will help you to take your collaboration to next level.

Check Microsoft Lists app in Microsoft 365


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What Microsoft Lists app is

Microsoft Lists is a new approach for modern lists in SharePoint and OneDrive. Since the first appearance of modern SharePoint lists were quite limited when you compare them with the classic version. Lists app deliver a new user experience to work with lists created across Office 365 and will deliver modernized features like calendar view or gallery view.

This solution will be also a centralized application that will be used to navigate through all Microsoft Lists created in the organization.

Check Microsoft Lists app in Microsoft 365

The new List app will deliver dedicated mobile applications for iOS and Android to give you flexibility in remote work.

Check Microsoft Lists app in Microsoft 365

The modernized functionality of the SharePoint lists looks really great from the perspective of the user interface and is very simple in usage and configuration. This is a really great step to improve the way how Lists are utilized in Office 365 by business users.

? Remember that the new modern release of Microsoft Lists improves the way how lists work, but do no change its limitations. This could be important if you would plan to build complex business solution.

Download Microsoft Lists app for mobile device

Microsoft Lists delivers ready to use applications for mobile devices:

You can start the work on Lists using mobile devices.

Templates available in Microsoft Lists

Today Microsoft Lists offer the possibility to speed-up the creation of new business apps using available templates. You use them to create new empty lists and to customize it to Your needs.

You can use Microsoft Lists templates, like:

  • Issue tracker
  • Employee onboarding
  • Event itinerary
  • Asset manager
  • Recruitment tracker
  • Travel requests
  • Work profess tracker
  • Content Scheduler

Check Microsoft Lists app in Microsoft 365

You have to remember that available templates offer functionality which published. You will not find there yet a calendar view ?

Check Microsoft Lists app in Microsoft 365


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Microsoft Lists for Teams

With the publication of the Microsoft Lists were published a dedicated app for Microsoft Teams. I believe this will some kind of standard to bring all be Office 365 apps to Teams and improve its functionality.

In the App section in Teams, you can easily add the app to your channel in the team.

Check Microsoft Lists app in Microsoft 365

The Lists application for Teams looks quite basic for know. I hope it will be improved later on. I would wish to get a similar experience as the Community app offers for Yammer.

Check Microsoft Lists app in Microsoft 365

Microsoft Lists roadmap

Modern Microsoft Lists app will modernize the way how we working with the lists and probably it will move us from SharePoint to a totally separated interface.

A lot of Office 365 users ask “is Microsoft Lists available” or “How to get Microsoft Lists”. The good part of the answer is that the Microsoft Lists app is available globally, but the published functionality is quite basic. Most cool features (e.g. calendar view) will be delivered to your Office 365 tenants in the next 6 months.

A short summary of the Microsoft Lists roadmap for the 2020 year:

  • Microsoft Lists release date – already rolled out
  • Microsoft Lists – Lists app for Microsoft Teams – already rolled out
  • Microsoft Lists forms customization – Q4 2020
  • Microsoft Lists calendar view – Q4 2020 – I believe everyone is waiting for this feature.
  • Microsoft Lists deeper integration with Power Platform – Q4 2020/Q1 2021
  • Microsoft Lists rules – Q4 2020/Q1 2021
  • Microsoft Lists gallery view – Q4 2020/Q1 2021

As you can see a lot of great features will be delivered to Microsoft Lists in the next months.


Microsoft Lists apps seem to be a modern way of using lists and record management in Office 365 we were waiting for. New capabilities that are provided by the Microsoft Lists app gives great new functionalities and simplify the way how we can collaborate on records.

Check Microsoft Lists app in Microsoft 365