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Following Microsoft 365 Roadmap could be challenging. Because of that, I will highlight the most valuable changes implemented to Office 365

In February there are two key announcements that you should be informed about: availability to setup customized Search Centers and retirement of Office 365 Video service.

Every 3 weeks Microsoft provides packages of updates for most of the services. In the meantime process of the changes to Office 365 for Apps in place.

I want to share with you periodically the most important in my opinion changes on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap that happening

Here you have the top changes on Office 365 roadmap in February 2020.

Key changes on Office 365 Roadmap in February 2020

Custom Search Center

In the next weeks you will be able to set up a customized Search result page for your SharePoint sites. Today’s search results are very simple and do not contain additional filters or the possibility to change the look and feel.



Implementation of Custom Search Center requires the deployment of custom code solutions. You will need to engage your IT teams to deliver this functionality.


πŸ‘‰ Step by step instruction: Implementation of Customized Search Center for SharePoint


Key additional benefits from using modified Search Center:

  • Fully customizable SharePoint search query
  • Can either use a static query or be connected to a search box component using dynamic data
  • Live templating system with Handlebar to meet your requirements in terms of user experience
  • Search results including previews for Office documents and Office 365 videos
  • Customizable refiners supporting multilingual values for taxonomy-based filters
  • Sortable results
  • Refiners Web Part (filters)
  • Pagination Web Part
  • SharePoint best bets support
  • Search query enhancement with NLP tools
  • Extensibility model allowing to write your own components

As you can see you can get a lot of additional great features ?

You will find more in the documentation.

Customized SharePoint Search results

Announcement: Microsoft Search Blog

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Video: Ignite session

Roadmap: Customize search results for your organization

Global Availability: Q1 2020

Licensing: Included in all plans


The end of Office 365 Video service


If you are Office 365 early adopter you could start the work with Office 365 Video service. This application is deprecated and will not be continued. All video-related functionalities are moved to Stream. Many users who start to work with Video app uploads some data there. Now you will be able to migrate your data to Stream with the tools provided by Microsoft.

Migration from Video to Stream:

New Office 365 users do not have access to Video service. If you do not have data stored on Video App you should not be worried πŸ™‚

Video to Stream Migration

Documentation: Migration of the Video to Stream

Roadmap: Selfservice migration from Video to Stram

Global Availability: Q1 2020

Licensing: Included in all plans


Microsoft Roadmap

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