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In the reality where using a platform like Office 365 full of modern apps is common to most enterprise organizations is there still need to implement additional Intranet Portal?

Building Intranet Portal will be beneficial for employees of your company, learn why.

Office 365 includes a large number of tools that could be helpful in building internal systems that will improve the way how your company will operate. You can use SharePoint Online, Yammer, Teams or OneDrive. Why Intranet Portal will be needed next to all these applications?

Why you need Intranet Portal for your Microsoft 365


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1. Communication

Why you need Intranet Portal for your Microsoft 365

Properly working internal communication is one of the most crucial requirements for modern working organizations. Middle and large size organizations building communication strategies that allow communicating with employees efficiently. Nowadays when employees get dozens of emails every day having the additional communication channel is more than required.

Intranet portal is the first choice to build a centralized and main channel for internal communication. Intranet gives a lot of possibilities to get attention in the business users group.

2. Information & knowledge management

Why you need Intranet Portal for your Microsoft 365

Knowledge is power. It is simple, but at the same time one of the biggest challenges in large organizations is effective knowledge sharing between departments, business units and branches. Many times valuable information is present in many places in not organized and structured ways. Lack of central repository of information does not allow users to get to the proper information.

Centralized intranet portal allows companies to organize and structure knowledge present in the organization. Well known by business users intranet limit lime necessary to gather information.

3. Business engagement

Why you need Intranet Portal for your Microsoft 365

Building strong business users engagement could be challenging. If you planning to communicate with your colleagues and manage knowledge management in the organization you need to engage your business to benefit from it. There won’t be any value from announcements or procedures that nobody reads. Active users that works on shared applications are real value for the organization.

Building soft, not business-related solutions like discussion boards, photo galleries, events or local social announcement could engage your business users and improve collaboration in the teams. That kind of components increase engagement and improve user adoption. If you would like to invite business to digital collaboration start from the invitation for “Beer Thursday Photo Gallery” 😉

4. Digitalization

Why you need Intranet Portal for your Microsoft 365

Bureaucracy could be a stopper for the success of every business process. Just imagine all documents lost in the desk drawers of your colleagues… We are just humans and from time to time we will lose documents or forgot to sign the form. The only way to “fix us” is to move the business process from paper to digitalized processes. We all knew that 🙂

Building global intranet could be great first step for your company to move your employees from manual, paper based processes to automated, digitalized workflows.

Why you need Intranet Portal for your Microsoft 365