Modern Team site is the first choice if you want to create a central collaboration space for your team. Modern SharePoint gives you great possibilities to quickly deliver tools that will help in your daily tasks

Implementation of the central team site for your colleagues is realy quick. You will be able to create it for 2 minutes.

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You can use Modern SharePoint Team site for:

  • internal team communication
  • central document repository
  • team mail group aggregation
  • building knowledge base
  • manage the internal information

Using SharePoint site will allow you to utilize many great features, like:

  • News publishing
  • Sending newsletter
  • Sharing the documents
  • Building knowledge base
  • Creation of the mail group
  • Gathering team notes in OneNote

One more great benefit from creating SharePoint Team Site is the fact that it automatically creates Microsoft Group for you. This group is universal and you can use to:

  • grant access to Group members in every app in Office 365
  • sent emails to Group members

Do not hesitate and create your SharePoint site.

Creation of new SharePoint Modern Team Site

In the first step, you will need to is log in to Office 365

1. Open Office 365

Open Office 365 site using address. In Office site choose SharePoint button.

It will open SharePoint site that contains summary from all SharePoint site you have access to.

2. Create the site

In the SharePoint portal site choose Create site button.

If you cannot find link to Create Site button you will need to contact with your IT service team for the creation of the site. Click here to get the email template that you can send to IT Administrator.

3. Choose site template

In the next screen, you should choose the Team site button.

4. Generate the site

In the final screen of the wizard, you need to configure your site. To create SharePoint Communication:

  • (1) Choose a design - Choose Team Site template.
  • (2) Site name - Put your site name. The name will be displayed in the site header.
  • (3) Site address - Optionally you can change site address. To edit it you have to choose the edit button (4). I recommend using short and simple addresses for your site.
  • (5) Site description – you should put here 2-3 sentences that allow your colleagues to recognize this site.
  • (6) Privacy settings - you can choose between Private and Public type of privacy
    • Private - only members of your team will have the access to the site.
    • Public - you can invite other colleagues to the site and assign them different permissions, like Read, Edit, Full control
  • (7) Select a language – Choose here preferred language.

To generate and publish the site click on Finish (8) button.

In the next screen, you will be asked to add your colleagues to the site owners (1) with full control permissions or to the site members(2) with edit permissions. After that just choose Finish (3) to create the site.

Your site should be ready in 15-30 seconds. You will be automatically added as a Site Owner.


Private Team site creates Microsoft Group for my team. What does it mean?

All added colleagues will be members of created Microsoft Group. You can use this group in every application in Office 365 to assign permissions. The created group can be used in Outlook and IT systems for email communication to all members.


Do you have an additional question? Put it in the comment or send it to me using the contact form.