Create a modern, great-looking newsletter for Office 365 users using the SharePoint news feature.

Build an email digest newsletter in just a few minutes and improve your communication in the organization using Microsoft 365.

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00:15 – Introduction

00:52 – Creating a new in SharePoint Online

03:30 – Sending a newsletter to Office 365 users

04:50 – Look & feel of the email digest

05:42 – Conclusion

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📔 Transcription

Create and send newsletters to your business colleagues directly from SharePoint Online.

I want to share with you the super-easy way to create the newsletter based on your news and announcements which you are creating on your SharePoint Online and send it to your business colleagues across the organization using Mail digest functionality. It is out of the box. You don’t have to develop anything. The emails you will create will be formatted very nicely and you can do that in less than two minutes. It is a super-fast, super easy solution. I guarantee you will love it when you will try it, so let’s switch to my screen.

One of the key roles of using SharePoint Online is to build the communication portal based on that. If you would like to do that, the one of things you have to know how to do is how to publish the announcements there or news. It is a super easy way to found it because on the landing page of such a communication portal on the plus new button you will found publish the new post or news link if you will select that then you will start to create the new announcement that will be visible for the other users in the previous videos you can found how to create. The template which you can reuse every time you publishing the new content or how to build the multilingual interface based on that. Check the description. You will find the details there, so in this case, we will just select the blank template of the page and we will create the new post based on that. The newly created page will allow you to gather content that you want to communicate to the end of the users. I always recommend starting with some great graphics on top. You can use stock images provided by Microsoft if we imagine we want to deliver the information about the new employees, you can always put here the information like we’re looking for people and select the new picture which you would like to use in your announcement. Insert it to the post. You can also set there something called a focal point. So where do you want to push the focus on the page? It could be something like that. Then you have to publish the title of the announcement. It will automatically gather the information about the author of the Post, so this is something very useful in the content. You can also add additional web parts that are provided by Microsoft or change the way how it is structured so you can split the content into two columns at some colors, add some styling to that. Of course, the announcement should be simple. Structure in a repeatable way to make it easier for the end-users to consume that data in the background. I will update the announcement to show you how it could look like in few minutes. You can prepare the content that will be an announcement about the onboarding of new employees to your organization. Very simple way, very simple solution having that kind of information will be useful than in next steps to send it globally to the users in the newsletter, you want to publish and send to your colleagues across the organization.

When your announcement is published on your SharePoint Online, you will be able to found it on your news Web Part located somewhere in the landing page, and in the same Web Part, you will see the bottom. See all it will navigate you to the announcement published on your portal with the very small button you can easily miss email and news digest. This is something really great because when you will choose it, you can generate the. Email notification which will be sent to the chosen users which will contain all announcement you want to share with them on the additional way via email. So the only thing you have to do is to select already published already presented announcements, then select the next button. Deliver the name of the newsletter that will be sent. Decide about the receivers of the email and optional additional message here. When you will create the content that needs to be sent, remember that you can put multiple users here. Of course, you can also do one more thing you can organize how the announcement will be present in the sent email, or you can delete them directly from here when you will be ready, just select send news digest button. And your newsletter will be sent to your colleagues in a few moments.

In a few moments, you can expect to receive the email notification. In the newsletter you did generate, all users you did choose will receive that email in the same format, but you can see you can see very basic information from SharePoint. So image headline some text from the message, date out or, but also the number of views and you will see that all the links presented in here navigate the user to the SharePoint itself. You can see that the structure of the message is very simple, but at the same time looking quite nice. And what is the most important part here you can generate that kind of newsletter extremely quickly if you already published the announcements. Sending the newsletters based on that is just a few clicks.

I hope you did enjoy the way how you can create and send the newsletter to your business colleagues. The one thing which is also quite important to note that in the future there will be automatic subscriptions generated for such announcements. So not only you can manually send this newsletter to your colleagues, but also it will be generated automatic emails that will be sent across Office 365. Also very useful very handful functionality. If you did like this video, I would like to encourage you to left the thumbs up or subscription this kind of activity will help this channel to grow. I can imagine that you can hear that a lot, but still I will be very thankful for your support in this area.