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It’s the end of the era! SharePoint Designer Workflows 2013, InfoPath and Nintex for Office 365 will be deprecated. In this video, you will learn about the timeline of this change, its impact, and the assessment of existing solutions. I will also recommend to you how to migrate SharePoint Designer Workflows, InfoPath Forms, and Nintex for Office 365.

End of Life for SharePoint Workflows, InfoPath, Nintex

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⭐ Announcements and details:

⭐ Assessment Tools:

⏰ Timestamps

00:00 – Title

00:13 – Introduction

02:06 – Special offer from Plumsail – 10% discount

02:52 – End of life of SharePoint workflows, InfoPath and Nintex

03:58 – What are SharePoint 2013 Designer Workflows

04:39 – What are InfoPath Forms

05:49 – What is Nintex for Office 365

06:48 – End-of-life timeline of SharePoint 2013 workflows

08:41 – End-of-life timeline of InfoPath Forms

09:50 – End-of-life timeline of Nintex workflows

10:40 – How to assess SharePoint for SharePoint workflows, InfoPath and Nintex

15:08 – How to migrate SharePoint workflows, InfoPath Forsms & Nintex

20:07 – Plumsail Forms alternative for InfoPath forms

22:47 – Conclusion

23:48 – Outro

End of Life for SharePoint Workflows, InfoPath, Nintex


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End of Life for SharePoint Workflows, InfoPath, Nintex