How to delete SharePoint site

Are you doing a cleanup of your SharePoint and want to delete SharePoint site?

Learn how to delete a site created in SharePoint.

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SharePoint allows you to build a complex structure build based on SharePoint sites. You can use SharePoint sites to build intranet, team site or just to test new cool SharePoint site templates. From time to time it is good to do the cleanup of existing SharePoint sites and delete not used unnecessary sites.

👉 REMEMBER #1 that SharePoint sites are also included in SharePoint data retention. Sites will not be permanently removed first. Deleted SharePoint site will be a move to Recycle bin.

👉 REMEMBER #2 that SharePoint site could contain subsites. Delete SharePoint subsites first.


How to delete SharePoint site?

When you want to delete SharePoint site select site setting (1) and open Site information (2).

In the Site information window, you will have the possibility to delete the SharePoint site using the Delete site button.

In the final screen, you will see an additional warning that all of your data will be removed. Select Delete to remove the SharePoint site.

Your site will be delete from SharePoint.


How to delete SharePoint subsites?

All created subsites are listed in the Site Content in the Subsites section. You need to open the site to delete it.

Deletion of the SharePoint subsite is exactly the same as on the root site. Open Site information and select Delete site in a new window.


How to delete SharePoint site permanently in Office 365?

After deletion, your SharePoint site will be removed to recycle bin. After 93 days SharePoint site will be permanently removed from Office 365.

If you would like to permanently remove SharePoint deleted site earlier open SharePoint admin center, got Sites (1), Deleted Sites (2), select your site and click on the Permanently delete (3) button.


Manage your SharePoint structure and delete the SharePoint site and possible subsite.

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