SharePoint list limits in Office 365

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Working with the SharePoint list in Office 365 requires understanding SharePoint list limitations.

Plan your SharePoint lists to fit into SharePoint Online list limits.

SharePoint Online in Office 365 can be a great solution to store records in the SharePoint list. At the same time, SharePoint lists have limits, and knowing them is required to do not create broken applications. Get to know SharePoint list limtis.

Learn about the SharePoint Online list limits in Office 365.


What is the SharePoint list limit in Office 365?

SharePoint list limitations you should know when you are working in Office 365:

Remember about the SharePoint list limits in Office 365.

Other SharePoint limitations you should know

SharePoint Online has other limits you should understand:



Get to know the SharePoint list limits in Office 365 and prepare yourself to use modern apps using the SharePoint list.

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