Working with SharePoint Online as Intranet requires building sites for the teams to support their collaboration.

Modern Team Sites gives the possibility for the organization to create the space for team collaboration and to store basic information about the team.

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Business case

Modern Team Sites should be a foundation in building Modern Intranet. Space, where teams can present information, share documents and publish news, gives you the possibility to create a great stream of information for your Intranet landing page.

The main benefit for the owners of the Team Site will be modern space for the team members collaboration.

Building the site will require the creation of:

You should also consider the integration of your team site with:

Integration with Office 365 collaboration tools will give your team great possibilities to use SharePoint site as a centralized starting space for your team.


Created a team site in the final step should be associated with Hub Site.

Technical Solution

Top 4 features you should publish on your Modern SharePoint Team Site to improve the productivity of your site.


Publishing attractive announcements and news will help you to build engagement with business users and share key information with your colleagues. Published articles could be also used to send the newsletter.

Team presentation

Using a prepared presentation that shows key information about your team in 2-3 slides could be a great, rapid solution to onboard your colleagues. Using Fileviewer web part gives great look and feel for the slides embedded to SharePoint page. When you will build such a presentation it is worth to include information, like

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Key business processes delivered by your team
  • Question & Answer

For free you can download ready to use presentation and publish it on your site. The only thing you need to do is to register for our newsletter.


Contact information

Publishing contact information to the team manager and team member using People web part is something extremally simple. You need to put just the name or email of the user to present direct contact information to the users. Information is stored in Office 365, so don't need to maintain them.

App Finder


Storing always up to date links to applications used by the team in one place is one of the most valuable solutions you can add to your site. Just use Quick Links web part and add hyperlinks to your apps.