SharePoint Online as Intranet: Site architecture

Building a modern Intranet portal will be connected with planning the structure of spaces where business users will be able to publish and share the information.

Modern SharePoint Online sites hosted on Office 365 offers a new simplified architecture. Learn how to prepare a site structure for your intranet.

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Business case

During the preparation of the Intranet site, you will need to design the site's architecture. You should focus on this element should at the first steps in the project. The final site structure will impact the information architecture and access management model.

Building Modern Intranet structure will include the creation of:

Roles of the created sites:


Other elements which you should prepare during architecture planning are:

Modern SharePoint Sites architecture is dynamic. Preparation of the global navigation and site branding will help you adapt this flexible model to organization standards.

Technical Solution

Classic SharePoint Sites architecture

Classic SharePoint Architecture is based on a few key elements:

This model allowed users to create very complex structures that address business needs but at the same time ends up with:

Technical challenges which make your life harder were:

If you did consider SharePoint Classic as a potential solution, you should start to consider it as a legacy option.

Modern SharePoint Sites architecture

Modern SharePoint Architecture is based on:

This Modern model allowing users to create solutions that will be able to adapt to the dynamic business environment. New architecture simplifies the structure and thanks to that improve the productivity of the solution:

Technical improvements:

During the planning phase, Modern SharePoint Architecture is something you should consider as an only available option. The simple and dynamic structure of the Sites will allow you to prepare modern communication and collaboration space. Moreover, you will be able to adapt it to your dynamic organization at any time.

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