Speed up the process of the SharePoint Online content creation by building SharePoint modern page templates.

Create page templates publish them and deliver them to the SharePoint content creators.

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📔 Transcription

Let's learn how to build SharePoint Online page templates. In this new video, I want to introduce you to the very useful functionality of the SharePoint pages. Right now you can create dedicated templates for the pages you are using in your SharePoint Intranet or any portal build on top of SharePoint Online. Of course, this is a very simple solution, just focus on the SharePoint pages themselves, not the SharePoint site, but still, it's very useful.

Microsoft lost provides a solution that allows you to create the pages using the templates so you don't have to build them every time this interface is available only from the root site of the site collection of your SharePoint site. So when you will go to the new button then you can see the page listed here in the drop-down menu when you will select it then you will see the possibility to go through the templates before you will create them. SharePoint page on your site of course you have three basic templates prepared by Microsoft for you so you can start with them as a starting point. All of them are quite useful, but also quite simple if you want to build something that is dedicated, you can easily do that and then set it as a default template on your site. So let's move to the creation of the new empty page. Then I will show you how to save it as a template and then how to use it as a default template on your SharePoint site. In the meantime, I prepared a SharePoint page, something that could be reusable for other users. For other departments or maybe other contributors on the SharePoint site like information about the new team members joining the company, you can build it very quickly using standard functionality's standard web parts like text, Web Part, People Web Part, something they encourage you to try. Quick links to most common use tools that could be useful when you will thinking about Department that. Something about the new team members. Plus you can easily put here something like an organization chart. Of course, this is not a huge work, but making that kind of template reusable will speed up the process of publishing similar announcements to the organization. I will publish the site and soon after that, I will show you exactly how to save that site as a template for the next pages that will be created as soon as your page will be published. You can save it as a template. For some reason, Microsoft hides this functionality in this promote button, something that is very difficult to found by yourself. But when you will click on it you will see that here is Hayden, but not allows you to save it as a template that can be reused by other users on the SharePoint site. You can see we did not see any notification that could be also a little misunderstanding for the user's body in the background. The page is saved as a template and you can reuse it. Another way to create the template based on your already published page is to copy it to the templates folder in the site pages on your SharePoint site. Just select your SharePoint page you want to save as a template. And use the function copy to in the next step. Just select the template, select copy here, and that's done. So this is very quick. Another way to save that kind of page as a template on your SharePoint site when we will get back to your SharePoint Root site and try to create the new page, you will see that the new template saves on this page is available for you when you will create the new site. All content already predefined by you can be used to create a totally new site. You can imagine if you will build more templates like that. It could really speed up the process of building the communication on SharePoint pages. Moreover, if there is one favorite one that could be most often reused, try to save that kind of template as a default. You can see this is a very quick, very time-saving solution that could help you.

In few steps, we are able to create the page template that can be used by your colleagues to build the new content for the SharePoint pages. You can see that the process is very quick and simple, but again it's sometimes very difficult to found where this option is placed on the SharePoint interface.