When you working with files in SharePoint Online you need to understand SharePoint storage limits in Office 365.

Plan your usage of Office 365 and the storage you plan to use in SharePoint.

SharePoint Online in Office 365 is responsible for hosting the data. The storage of files and documents in SharePoint Online has some limitations. Get to know how to plan SharePoint storage.

Learn about SharePoint Online storage limits in Office 365.

Storage Limits of SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365


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What is the SharePoint storage limit in Office 365?

SharePoint storage limitations you should know when you are working in Office 365:

  • 1 TB + 10GB per licensed user – total storage limit for SharePoint Online
  • 25 TB – maximal storage per SharePoint site – limit
  • 2.000.000 – maximal number of SharePoint sites – limit

Remember about the SharePoint storage limitations in Office 365.

Other SharePoint limitations you should know

SharePoint Online has other limits you should understand:


Get to know the SharePoint storage limits in Office 365 and prepare yourself for possible limitations.

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