SharePoint Online is one of the best existing content management platforms which could strongly improve collaboration in your team.

The third article in the series continues the description of the SharePoint web parts. Let’s learn more about Communication and collaboration web parts.

Communication and collaboration web parts

Available web parts on modern SharePoint site in category communication and collaboration.

Communication and collaboration web parts allow you to present collaboration web parts and allows to integrate SharePoint site with other Office 365 tools.


Event web part allows you to present graphic information about events. Web part currently does not allow to present calendar-like view.

Business cases

You can use this web part for:

  • presentation of the team events or meetings


Events web part allows you to configure:

  • Events list – choose event list
  • Category – filter the events based on category
  • Date range – filter presented events based on time


Group calendar

Group calendar web part is a really good solution to present calendar events from Office 365 Group. Web part could be a better option that Event calendar when you want to build it for the project team.

Business cases

You can use this web part for:

  • project team calendar
  • department team calendar


You have two available web part options:

  • Choosing Group name
  • Number of events per page



Microsoft Forms

Forms web part allows you to include Microsoft Forms survey form into SharePoint site. Using this web part allows also to display survey results on the SharePoint page.

Business cases

You can use this web part for:

  • displaying of the survey on SharePoint page


The configuration of Forms allows you to set the form address and two options:

  • Collect responses – present survey
  • Show form results – display survey results



News web part is one of the most important components which allows you aggregate and publish information and announcements around SharePoint sites and Hub sites.

Business cases

You can use this web part for:

  • display announcements on the site
  • aggregation of the News on Hub site


News web part allows you to configure:

  • New source – from what sites news should be aggregated
  • Layout – the way how news should be displayed
  • Number of items that should be displayed
  • Organize – priorities for the presented news
  • Filter – filter the news to display


People web part display user profile information. The web part will allow displaying information like contact information, organization structure or LinkedIn profile

Business case

Present the personal or contact information for the highlighted users.


People  allow you to display one of two display modes:




Just present Twitter account twits on the SharePoint page

Business case

Display Twitter account data on the landing page


You can choose which account should be displayed and how to present the data.


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