SharePoint Online offers great looking and easy to use web parts for content management, but a number of possible options could be overwhelming.

In SharePoint Online web parts article series, you will be able to learn more about available web parts. Let's start from web parts related with text, media and content.

  1. SharePoint Online web parts #1: Text, media and content
  2. SharePoint Online web parts #2: Discovery
  3. SharePoint Online web parts #3: Communication and collaboration
  4. SharePoint Online web parts #4: Business and intelligence, Other

SharePoint Online web parts list - Text, media and content webparts

Available web parts on modern SharePoint Online site in category text, media and content.

This category of web parts allows you to manage basic content elements of the news, event or the page. You will be able to use these components to insert text, images and much more.

Bing maps

Maps web part allows you to display the location of a chosen address on a map. It is a fully functional Bing map that can be published on the page. Users can zoom in on the map and change the view of the map


Business cases

You can use this web part for:

  • presentation of the location of your branch office or HQ
  • displaying localization of the event


Bing maps web part allows you to choose four types of maps display:

  • Road - digital map
  • Aerial - satellite photo map
  • Bird's eye - aerial photography map
  • Streetside - street view of the address

Available web part settings:

  • Show pin label on map - allows you to display label for chosen address
  • Pina label - displayed label text for the pin
  • Address to display - displayed address


Very simple line-based separator for your content.

Business cases

You can use this web part for:

  • splitting the content of the page
  • to highlight another web part


There's no configuration available.


Embed web part allows to inject external code to site. You can use it to present content from sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram and others that have Embedded code based on iframe.

Business cases

You can use this web part for:

  • present media from social media
  • display forms or surveys from third-party solutions
  • display web-based application on SharePoint site


The configuration of Embed web part allows you to set:

  • Website address or embed code - you can insert there the site address or embed code
  • Resize to fir the page - you can resize the component to the site (windows size could be included in embed code)

File Viewer

Web part gives you the possibility to display the Office or PDF file on the SharePoint page. The file will be displayed in the interface of Office Online service.

Business cases

The most valuable use of this web part:

  • displaying the PowerPoint slides to show:
    • organization structure
    • company values
    • Project plan


The configuration allows just to set the page that should be displayed as a first.


Image web part will be one of most often used web parts. It allows you to display the image on your site with possible description.

Business case

Just present the picture which represent the page, like:

  • picture of the team
  • logo of your department


Image web part allows you to display the image and:

  • Link - to set a hyperlink for the image
  • Add text over image - this setting will allow you to configure additional text on the image front
  • Alternative text - this option will add additional text that could help a user to localize the page

Alternative text for the image will be also proposed by Office 365 AI. Proposed text will be added as an alternative text.

Additional web part setting allows you to edit the way how an image is presented on the page. You can easily scale resize displayed part of the image

Image gallery

Image gallery is very simple web part that allows you to present many pictures as a gallery. It is very simple solutions that help to present multiple images in small space.

Business case

Use it to present the picture gallery:

  • from the last event
  • presenting the office buildings


You have a few available options regards the way how and which pictures will be presented.

Web part can use uploaded and chosen pictures, but also you can load pictures from the selected library.  Displayed pictures can be limited to the root folder and to a maximum number of pictures.

You are able also set how the gallery should be presented:

  • Brick - not a configurable option that presents the pictures in brick-like view
  • Tiles - tiles view of the pictures. You can decide in what format pictures should be presented:
    • 1:1
    • 4:3
    • 16:9


  • Carousel - nicest view of the picture gallery that allows you to turn on an automatic cycle of the pictures and choose how long picture should be displayed.




Extremally simple web part that allows you to publish the extrenal link.

Business cases

Just redirect your user somewhere.


There's no configuration available.


Spacer gives you the possibility to manage how content on the site is organized by adding free space to the site.

Business case



You can turn off spacer in mobile view.


This rich text editor which you will mostly use to share information via SharePoint pages.

Business case

You will use this web part without thinking about it 😉


Text web part does not have settings but it is worth to know it has an advanced view of rich text editor. Choose More (1) button to open advanced formatting view.

One of the hidden option is inserting and formatting tables.



You can display the weather in selected localization. users can easily navigate from the web part to weather prognosis for next days.

Business case

It is very useful to use this web part for the events outside the office.


You can set default units for the temperature presented on Weather web part.



YouTube is just Embed web part with the logo of YouTube 🙂