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Welcome to my blog! I’m really glad you visiting my website to find knowledge about Office 365. I’m doing my best to share with you the most valuable articles that will help you to become a successful Office 365 Champion. If you would like to share your feedback and expectations about the blog, feel free to use the Contact section.


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I want to invite you to join the community of Microsoft 365 Champions. The main goal behind this group is to support each other in daily work with Microsoft 365, share experiences, discuss and help to resolve our problems.

Let’s get to know each other better 😉


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Download free ebook that summarize first steps in getting know Office 365. Ebook is available for blog newsletter subscribers.

You will need to Become Microsoft 365 Champion to succeed in your job. In this book, I would like to share with you the first 5 steps in gaining crucial skills connected with Office 365.

From reading this ebook you will learn how to set up and configure your personal Office 365 tenant for learning sandbox.

In the next steps, I will share with you the most important elements worth training on Microsoft 365 environment.


Top article on Microsoft365 atWork blog

On this page, you will find information about how to read the blog and where to find the most valuable information.


Microsoft 365 Licensing

Get a better understanding of the Microsoft 365 licenses and subscriptions. Optimize your costs connected with using Microsoft Cloud solutions. Firstly check below posts:


Microsoft 365 Roadmap

In this section, you will find information about Microsoft announcements, plans and changes that will impact the Office 365 environment. You will learn more about Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

Start the reading from:


Office 365 Adoption process

Support for the Office 365 Adoption process is one of the main goals for the existence of this blog. I would like to help to engage your business users more in using Office Apps. Series or article on the blog describe efficient aspects of the adoption process:

  • Why you need the adoption process – start in here to shortly ask yourself why your organization needs additional activities to make Microsoft Cloud used more

  • Editable adoption posters – Package of editable Adoption posters why adapt your company look & feel and hang in the office. It could be a really quick win in communication with your colleagues ?

  • How to choose Business Champions – learn how to choose Business Champions that will support you the training activities and evangelization of your team, department or business unit.

  • 🚀 Adoption E-learning portal – Deploy ready-to-use Adoption Training portal filled with training materials provided by Microsoft. This must-have solution for every roll-out of Office 365.
  • 🎁 Top free Adoption resources – Download top free adoption materials like posters, leaflets, email templates and much more
  • Prepare yourself for new Yammer – Get access to free resources for the adoption process of the new Yammer

Part of the shared Adoption materials is available only for the subscribers of the O365 Champions newsletter. You can join today the FREE subscription, get access to additional Tools and get information about new articles on the blog.

I promise I’m sharing only valuable messages with my readers. I hate SPAM ? You can unsubscribe anytime.


Office 365 App Integration

On the Microsoft 365 you will find dozens of applications. By design, all Apps can be integrated with each other. You don’t have to develop anything. Just configure the integration between them. Start this process with:


SharePoint Modern Intranet

Internal communication is one of the most common usages of the SharePoint platform. Build modern, responsive Intranet Portal using Office 365 just in few steps:


SharePoint Governance

If you would like to set up your SharePoint Online environment you need to prepare some recommendations for the users. SharePoint Governance article series will help you to get through the administration setup of your modern collaboration space build on SharePoint.



Thanks for your time spend on my blog I hope I helped you to understand Office 365 better 😉

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