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Install Microsoft Teams Champions app and manage the Champions program for Teams business users. Use the free Champions application provided by Microsoft and build centralized space to manage the Champions program around Microsoft Teams. Get access to Champions Leader Dashboard, badges and Microsoft Training events.

Install Champions apps for Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365

? Download the app: https://github.com/OfficeDev/microsoft-teams-apps-champion-management

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00:00 – Title

00:15 – Introduction

01:25 – Download Microsoft Teams Champions app

02:30 – Install Teams Champions application

05:36 – Setup SharePoint site for the Champions app

07:26 – Use Microsoft Teams Champions app

08:54 – Conclusion

10:05 – Outro

? Transcription

Organize Microsoft Teams Champions Program using a free application from Microsoft. The adoption of Microsoft Teams is one of the most crucial aspects of routing Office 365 in the organization. I want to encourage you to deploy the Microsoft Champions program for Microsoft Teams. This is a free application that you can Diplo on Microsoft Teams and manage the Champions across the organization that will help you to engage your local users in using Microsoft Teams on the daily basis. If you would like to learn more about Office 365, please subscribe to the channel. If you like this video, leave your thumbs up now. I will navigate you through the process of the configuration. Installation of this up and you will be able to see how it works. What kind of additional benefits it gives you, and what is most important. This application is fully free provided by Microsoft Community. You can start using it immediately. It’s really worth trying it. Let’s move to my screen on GitHub. You can download a free application that manages Microsoft Teams. The champions program application is totally free provided by the Microsoft Community. You can download it, install it on your environment and use it in your organization. You will found on GitHub the license of the product, which allows you to use it as it is so you know there’s no support. There is no. How does that will help you in case of challenges on your specific environment, but at the same time you can use it as you wish. You don’t have to pay for that. And what is most important is a totally free working solution that could help you do manage the champions program in your organization dedicated to Microsoft Teams. You can download the application by clicking on the coat and choosing. Just download the application, so that’s it. That’s everything you need to do in the next step. I will navigate you how to install the downloaded application on your Office 365 tenant and execute Microsoft Teams champions program in your Office 365. In the next step, you can install the application. The installation will take place on SharePoint. There will be a dedicated site collection created behind that will store all data used in the application like. Configuration of the profile setup of the app. All events that will be registered. Everything will be stored there, but to get there we have to install the application itself. The documentation stored on GitHub could be lead to scarring, but still, this is quite easy to install that application you need to just add the app to SharePoint and then set up two steps. So let’s do that. Go to more features on the SharePoint Admin Center then go to the. UPS don’t be surprised. You will see a very old, very classic interface of SharePoint sites. It could be later scary, but till now it’s not yet a modernized part of Office 365 SharePoint Online. Go to app catalog in the app catalog. You will have the chance to add the new application in here to install it on SharePoint. So go to app for SharePoint and you can see already we have Microsoft learning pathways. You will found the link about this application in the other videos stored on the channel. But right now we will upload the application. Downloaded from GitHub on our PC. When you will go to the Microsoft Teams champions go to SharePoint solution and choose the app itself and upload it to the app catalog. When you will upload the application, remember to select make this solution available to all sites in the organization is quite important and then decide to deploy it after the application will be diploid we will need to do two additional steps. The First will be to set up the API communication, but again don’t be worry about that. This is very easy, will need to go back to the SharePoint Admin Center and do additional step there. When you will go back to the shop and admin center, go to advanced settings. And API access in this section you will see that there are three pending requests connected with the API communication that needs to be approved. Select each of them and approve it. As soon as you will approve it, then you can publish the application directly to Microsoft Team. So we will get back to the UP catalog in the classic SharePoint View. When he will go back to this classic up catalog and select the application, you will be able to sync this application to teams. This will allow you to publish that application to Microsoft Teams. Let’s do that. You can see that this interface could be too tricky now. Communication going back to you after this application we published on teams you will need to do one more set up on the SharePoint site and you are good to go to start working on that. To make the application work, you will need to create a new team. Could be the Champions team and when you will create it you will be able to add the new champions up directly there for some reason you can get the problems to add it before creating the new team, so don’t be surprised to find any problems when you try to add an application to already existing another team in teams. So to add the application just add the new tab, search for Champions and add the application. This will add an additional tab on your teams with the Champions connected to the SharePoint site created in the background. If you moments you will receive all new features based on the structure created behind the application on the SharePoint site, which you can also manage. And we will need to get there first to add additional access rights for the end users. So go to SharePoint and search for the champion management platform. This site is the SharePoint data structure behind your Champions up for dedicated for teams and you also need to provide your users access here to make it work. To do that you share choose everyone except external users and allow edit permissions to make it work and also antiques and email. Now old people in the organization will be able to Register here at the settings. You will also see in the site content there is some lists created behind it where the data will be structured. So if you would like to get in it as you can get in here and check exactly what kind of records are created behind it, you can also manage it directly from the SharePoint level. After all these steps, the application will be ready to be used when you will get there you will see the dashboard with few additional elements. You will see the Champions Leaderboard. The dashboard will show all champions with the ranking based on the events. You can Register here. We can invite all peoples to do that. This is some kind of game realization feature that also promote additional activities sharing the knowledge about the teams. Very nice feature, very nice looking functionality. You can manage the members directly from this level. You are also able to add digital badge for your picture so other additional Champions badge for your. Picture shown on the SharePoint. Some something very basic but promoting champions around the organization. Highly recommend to try it and you can manage the Champions Group. You can manage the events list, you’ll be navigated directly using these links to the SharePoint site and the structure which were created behind it. You can see this is not extremely complex application, but something very simple. You can start with giving you some kind of speed up on the initial stage 2. Promote the Champions program for Microsoft Teams to promote the members and also to promote the some kind of additional events and activities across the Champions community. I highly recommend to install this application, especially when you roll out in Microsoft 365 in your company. This is maybe not super Complex Champions program, but this is really good starting point that will help you to engage the business champions across the organization to promote additional activities and also to promote these people. And in the end this will help you to make Microsoft Teams probably used more often across the company. You can see that this is not rocket science to install it. It’s really worth to try this application. Play with it. If you’re looking for additional adoption tools, you will found other video materials on my channel that will help you to build more stronger engagement on your business. Users across Office 365 applications all shared applications are free, so this is more than easy to use them.

Install Champions apps for Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365


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Install Champions apps for Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365