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I’m sharing my  TOP 5 Teams Apps recommendation. Firstly, I would like to recommend you 5 application that will support collaboration in hybrid work model. The shared apps will help you to manage the tasks, manage the team time, appreciate remote workers and find people in the organization. All applications are free and you can deploy them on your Microsoft Teams environment without any development tasks.

Top 5 collaboration apps for Microsoft Teams in Office 365

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Check the top five teams applications that will support collaboration in your team. Welcome in the new series of videos. Focus on the best application in Microsoft Teams that will help you to collaborate better with your teams on the daily basis. Today are prepared the top five applications that you could start with when you working the hybrid mode with your colleagues. And you’re using Teams to improve the collaboration in the team. You will found five applications that I highly recommend. I’m showing how they work and I’m presenting how to deploy them in your Microsoft Teams step-by-step. All of these apps are totally free. You don’t need to do any kind of development tasks to make them work. So it’s a super easy and super fast way to improve the way how you work in Microsoft Teams on daily basis. If you would like to get to know more applications like that, please let the subscription on the channel. If you like this video left the thumbs up. The Sooner the challenge you will be able to see more recommended list applications like this one. So for now I will switch to my screen. The first application I would like to recommend you is tasks by the planner and to do this is very simple dashboard-based application that brings planner experience and to-do experience to Microsoft Teams and helps you to organize the work based on buckets. So some kind of Kanban experience when you move the task between the stages, assign the people that will work on them, deliver the information like timeline priority. Description Or checklist that needs to be set in the task so you can see. This is a very simple solution. It gives you quite a good experience from a perspective. How to manage people, engagement, team engagement across different activities that your team working on to add the application. Select the plus button on the channel level and select the task by the Planner and To Do when you will do that. Remember you can create a new plan or use. Existing one, so to integrate your teams with an existing plan created already in the planner. If you want to manage your team better, organize the time engagement and assignment for the people who use this app. Another application I would like to recommend to you that will help to manage the task and collaboration in the team is milestones. This is not a very popular Power Apps based application. That is something like a very simple project management solution. So you set up the milestones in the projects you assigning the tasks on top of that, and then you measuring where you are from the perspective of the progress in the project you managing. You can assign people you can report the. Priorities and state of the tasks and based on that you can get very simple project management solutions. You can see this is not something very advanced but still on top of small team could help you to manage the way how you work around the project and better reporting on top of the key milestones you want to deliver when you working around your project. The application is free, setup is very simple but again you have to remember this is not the level of Project Server or Project Online. This is a very simple project and my stones reporting solution but looks very nice. Works quite the wall in small team to add the applications like the plus button and look for the milestone application. Remember that the first setup of the app could took a few minutes because the power up need to be installed on your team. 3rd up on today’s recommendation list for Microsoft Teams is channel calendar something super simple from perspective of working so you can bring calendar experience directly to the channel and filter the events that will be dedicated just for the team that you collaborating with. Of course, you can tell adding additional space to contain the events could make it harder to control where you are, but if you’re planning to record the sessions and have that for the future reference or additional. Onboarding and training that convolution will help you to store all the recordings in the meetings directly in your channel riding here, plus, it’s much easier to find references for the events and the meeting you planning for your team. Something very simple. Worth to note that there is an option to add the calendar directly dedicated for the channel in your teams. To add it, select the plus button and look for the channel calendar. The 4th up I would like to recommend you today is that bought with the name who it allows you to ask questions around the people in your organization to found them based on few criterias that bought allows to do you need to add it on the teams level and thanks so that you will be able to found who is the manager of the employee working with who has the same manager as or other elements like who reports to somebody who works with somebody, how the teams. Looks like you can see that this is very simple, so if you ask who works with me the bot it will list all people that works with the person you choose in the question. So something very simple, something you can use on the daily basis, especially if you have people that are new in the organization. You can find the questions like who is lean and found in contact information about the person. You can directly go to the organization from their perspective and check how the structure in the organization looks like. You can see this is very simple solution like organizations search, but based on the bot functionality I believe for many users in your organization in your team, many of your colleagues will be able to found very important information around your company. Structure using this bot. To add who application go for us in your Microsoft Teams and then search for who up if you will found it. Select add bottom. This will add the boat that will be able to use in your teams. When the boat will be added, remember to allow the boat to do the search in your context. The last application on my recommendation is for today is the prize up. This is some kind of kudos solution for Microsoft Teams when you can send greetings, thank yous and highlight the people you’re working with with some kind of appreciation. If you’re working the large team or remote team, that kind of behavior could be very useful and support hybrid work with your colleagues, so I highly recommend you to do that installation and usage of the app is quite simple. Probably the application is already enabled on your Microsoft Teams, so look for the price icon on the chat window and use it in the new window. You will be able to select the batch you want to use in your kudos and send the message to your manager or your colleague about the collaboration in the project before you will publish the kudos on Microsoft Teams, you can preview it and then send it directly to the chat or to your channel. This is not the rocket science solution, but. I think it’s worth to know that you can do something like that to make hybrid work a little more user-friendly. As I mentioned, application probably is already enabled on your Microsoft Teams. Thank you very much for watching this first five application that could improve your way of collaboration in Microsoft Teams. I hope that using them will improve the way how you work with your colleagues. If you’re looking for more advanced functionalities of Microsoft Teams or Office 365, check the blog.

Top 5 collaboration apps for Microsoft Teams in Office 365


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Top 5 collaboration apps for Microsoft Teams in Office 365