How to set Teams Out of Office status

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Microsoft Teams becomes one of the most commonly used tools for communication in Office 365.

Teams like Microsoft Outlook supports the possibility to share Out of Office messages during holiday or sick leave.

Daily communication in current reality with team members is based on Outlook and Microsoft Teams. We already used to set Out of the office message in Outlook when we are leaving for a holiday or because of sick leave. More and more people starting to set similar out of office message in Microsoft Teams.

Learn how to set out of office status and message in Microsoft Teams.


Does Outlook out of office sync with Teams?

Yes 🙂 Microsoft Teams will display Outlook out-of-office messages and Out of Office information. Information about out of office status from Outlook will be populated to Microsoft Teams user profile.

If you will open the hoover window with a user profile in Microsoft Teams, you will be able to notice out-of-office information populated from the Microsoft Outlook setup.


This is a very useful setup and could be enough for many users. At the same time, this information could be missed if sending a chat message from a different location: specific Teams channel, Yammer, SharePoint etc.




How to set Microsoft Teams out of office status?

Every Teams user can set the Out of the office status and an automatic message sent to other Teams users.



To set out off office status in Teams go to your profile (1) and select a Set status message button.

In the new window select the Schedule out of office button.

In the new window, you will be able to set the out of office status in Microsoft Teams. In the same place, you will be able to find out of office status populated from Microsoft Outlook.

You have also the possibility to send messages to external users. To do that select Send replies outside my organization and set a specific message for such an audience.



This is the way to set out of office status message in Microsoft Teams.


How to remove out of office status in Microsoft Teams?

If you want to remove out of office status/message from Microsoft Teams open the Schedule out office section and turn off internal and external out of office messages.

Remember to do the same thing with out-of-office status in Microsoft Outlook. These two instances could sync with each other.


What's next?

Bravo! You did learn how to manage out-of-the-office status in Microsoft Teams. As soon as you will get back to the office you should learn more about the Teams app. Learn how to escalate emails using Teams, how to use emojis in Teams and how to create quick pools in Teams.

Do you want more?

I prepared more articles that could help you get a better understanding of Power AutomateOneDrive, Microsoft Lists and SharePoint Online.



Learn how to set Microsoft Teams Out of Office message and sync it with Microsoft Outlook. Set out of office status in Teams.

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