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We are in a reality where remote live events will be a necessary part of our daily work.

Microsoft prepared a package of ready-to-use materials that help to prepare for live events produces in Yammer and Microsoft Teams.

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I'm sharing new packages for Office 365 Adoption Toolsย which you can download for free. Microsoft prepared detailed material that could help you to prepare your organization for producing live events using Microsoft Teams or Yammer.


Microsoft team prepared complex Playbook for the organization of Microsoft Teams live events and Yammer live events from the organization and technical perspective. If you would like to improve communication using virtual live events this starting point for you.

On 157 pages your will be able to drill down to every step in the process of organizing an Office 365 based live event.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Download Microsoft Teams & Yammer live events playbook


You can also download additional resources that could help to prepare a specific role for the organization of live events on Microsoft Teams or Yammer.


Download additional material useful for the organizers of live events on Microsoft 365:


Prepare technical producers that will broadcast live event:


Technical documentation for IT team which helps to prepare the technical side of live events:


Guidelines for the presenters of the live events:


Documentation for attendees of a live event:


Recommendation for the moderators of live events


Microsoft prepared great guidelines about best practices for organizing live events using Microsoft Teams and Yammer. Download free guidelines and checklists.

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