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April and May 2020 were quite challenging for everyone. At the same time, Microsoft delivered tons of improvements for Office 365

I decided to focus on the first sign of the new Yammer presence in the Microsoft 365 – Yammer Communities app for Microsoft Teams.

Key improvement on Office 365 Roadmap in April & May 2020

Microsoft did enormous work to deliver tons of improvement for the Microsoft Teams and infrastructure elements in the last weeks. Thanks to that we can work quite an efficient way from our homes.

One of the elements which were delivered for Microsoft 365 globally was a new Yammer Communities application for Microsoft Teams. It is one of the first strongly visible signs of coming of New Yammer to Office 365. From my perspective, the refreshed version of the Yammer will be one of the most valuable improvements in the Microsoft 365 platform this year.

New Yammer app for Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365


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The next few months will bring new features of the renewed Yammer platform. The whole interface will be modernized, full integration with Microsoft 365 platform will be implemented, especially with SharePoint, Teams and Stream.

In my opinion, the new Yammer will become a crucial system for internal communication.

New Yammer app for Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365

A short summary of the Yammer roadmap for the 2020 year:

  • Yammer Communities app for Microsoft Teams – already rolled out
  • New webpart for the SharePoint integration – May 2020
  • Live Events integration with Yammer – May 2020
  • Yammer Community branding – Q2 2020
  • New Yammer Home feed – Q3 2020

I cannot wait to check all new features that are planned for this year for Yammer app.

Yammer Communities app for Microsoft Teams

Communities app for Microsoft Teams is the first step to deliver us totally new Yammer.

App itself is described as: “Add a fully-interactive Yammer experience to Microsoft Teams. Yammer communities connect the organization, enabling you to engage with leaders, watch live events, and stay up-to-date with news and announcements. Communities also enable people to share knowledge, ask questions, get answers, and build relationships across teams and organizational silos. Add the Yammer app and pin it to the navigation rail. It’s Yammer—in Teams.”

New Yammer app for Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365

Teams Communities app brings new Yammer experience to your Teams app.

How to add Yammer to Microsoft Teams

To add Yammer to Microsoft Teams application you just need to Apps and choose Communities app.

New Yammer app for Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365

You can also pin the Yammer App to Microsoft Teams navigation. Just click on it using right mouse button and choose Pin.

New Yammer app for Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365

New Yammer Communities App for Microsoft Teams

Announcement: Yammer Blog

Video: Ignite session

Roadmap: already GlobalyAvailabile. Rest of improvements planned for Q2-Q3 2020

Global Availability: April 2020

Licensing: Standard

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