How to prepare for the new Yammer

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New Yammer is almost here. Your organization needs to adapt to this change.

Microsoft prepared a package of ready-to-use products that will help you prepare. I will share something too.

I would like to share with you the most valuable Office 365 Adoption Tools that are available for free download. Microsoft prepared really great tools that help you to prepare your business users to fit into new Yammer.

New Yammer change management resources

Downloadable materials available for new Yammer training:

New Yammer presentation – 29 slides you can use to present the new functionality of the modern Yammer release. The presentation is downloadable and editable. You can use it as a foundation for the training materials for Yammer’s business users.

New Yammer FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about new Yammer delivered in editable Word file

Announcement email template – Ready-t-use announcement email about the new version of the Yammer rollout on Office 365

New Yammer poster – one-page editable flyer

New Yammer launch communication plan – template for the communication plan connected with the relaunch


Prepare new Yammer cover photos – instruction on how to prepare the high-resolution cover photos for the Community in new Yammer. Below I prepared for you ready use 20 cover photos you can use Yammer.


I prepared for you 20 beautiful high-resolution cover photos  you can use in the new Yammer.


New Yammer guidelines

Additional useful resources you can download. Documentation is prepared by Microsoft and helps you prepare better way for the change process connected with the rollout of the new Yammer.

Interesting articles about New Yammer

Articles that are worth to read before the launch of the new Yammer in your organization:


The release of the new Yammer could be challenging. Proper preparation for the change process with business users will success in engagement in the usage of Yammer communication features. User downloadable free resource to prepare yourself.

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