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Backup your personal data to OneDrive

Losing the data stored on the local computer could be very painful. Office 365 offers a very simple solution that […]

Five Power Automate free templates for the start

Automation is the simplest way to improve productivity and save time. Office 365 offers a great workflow platform – Power […]

Office 365 Roadmap May 2020: New Yammer ready for Microsoft Teams

April and May 2020 were quite challenging for everyone. At the same time, Microsoft delivered tons of improvements for Office […]

How to fix SharePoint performance issues

Slowly loading SharePoint site could be a real mood killer for Office 365. Unfortunately from time to time, your SharePoint […]

Office 365 changes into Microsoft 365

Microsoft announced that Office 365 will be changed to Microsoft 365. This information could be quite confusing, but you should […]

Integrate Teams with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive or Citrix Files

Microsoft Teams provide the possibility to improve collaboration with the team of colleagues. One of the most important parts of […]

Office 365 Adoption – Top Free Adoption Resources

Starting the process discovery, training and Office 365 Adoption requires complex preparation. Before any activity will be executed you need […]

Download Microsoft Teams app for Office 365 trainings and Covid-19 communication

Microsoft Teams is one of the most commonly used app in Office 365 You use this platform to deliver additions […]

Crisis Communication SharePoint site template

At the time of Covid-19 pandemic, communication is crucial. Microsoft prepared ready-to-use communication site template to help manage this crisis […]

How to get Microsoft Office 365 for FREE

Using Office 365 service is connected with buying a subscription for the users. What to do if you are looking […]

Office 365 Roadmap March 2020: Robotic Process Automation

Manual operation on the data could be really time-consuming activities. In cases where IT systems do not have the possibility […]

Office 365 Adoption – E-learning portal

One of the most important elements of the Office 365 Adoption process is end-user training. You need to plan the […]

Office 365 Roadmap February 2020: Custom Search Center & the end of Video

Following Microsoft 365 Roadmap could be challenging. Because of that, I will highlight the most valuable changes implemented to Office […]

Modernize SharePoint root site

All Office 365 tenants created before April 2019 have classic SharePoint root site on address Currently, you can replace […]

Move your Office 365 data to new datacenter

Some countries require or strongly recommend to store company data in local datacenters. If you are an early adopter of […]

Top new features of Office 365 coming in 2020

We started a new, 2020 year. The beginning of January is strictly connected with building plans and expectations for the […]

Office 365 Adoption – How to choose Business Champions

The success of the adoption process rests on the shoulders of business users. The nomination of the right Business Champions […]

How to rename SharePoint Online site

When you building SharePoint based portals you will need to from time to time change the address of the SharePoint […]

Seventeen modern SharePoint Templates for Office 365

Building a successful Intranet portal using SharePoint Online on Office 365 becomes a very fast and simple process. Now it […]

Office 365 Adoption – Editable adoption posters

Communication with business users is one of key elements of a successful adoption process. Hanging adoption posters around office space […]