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Start to use top prompts and use cases for Microsoft 365 Copilot in Microsoft Word. Improve your process and generate offers, improve existing documents, analyze and summarize large documents, and create marketing plans and team engagement plans. Use AI to execute these tasks in Microsoft Word.

Learn to use Microsoft 365 Copilot prompts in Microsoft Word to generate and analyze documents faster and save time.

Top 5 Copilot Prompts for Microsoft Word

⏰ Timestamps

00:00 – Title

00:06 – Introduction

00:57 – 5 use cases to use Copilot in Word

01:48 – Generate a document – offer

04:43 – Improve existing document

05:25 – Analyze and summarize large documents

09:08 – Create Marketing Plan

10:49 – Create ideas to engage team members

11:52 – Conclusion

12:39 – Outro

Top 5 Copilot Prompts for Microsoft Word


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Top 5 Copilot Prompts for Microsoft Word