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Licensing of Microsoft 365 Business plans could be challenging.

I prepared a comparison of the Microsoft 365 Business Standard vs. Premium subscriptions. Learn about the main differences between Standard and Premium plans.

Get to know Microsoft 365 Business plans and compare Microsoft 365 Business Standard vs. Microsoft 365 Business Premium plans.

Understand better the main differences between Business Standard and Business Premium subscriptions and choose suitable plans for your needs. Check the suitable plan for your user and choose between Standard and Premium licenses.

M365 Business Standard vs. Premium


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Differences between Microsoft 365 Business plans

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M365 Business Standard vs. Premium
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Main differences between Business Standard vs. Business Premium plans

The main difference between Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Microsoft 365 Business Premium plans is the availability of the premium security features in the Business Premium plan. Yo should consider a Premium subscription if you would like to use advanced security features.

M365 Business Standard vs. Premium

Listed below features are available only in the Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan.

Cloud-based advanced security tools

  • Protect your email against spam, malware, and known threats with Exchange Online Protection
  • Meets key international, regional, and industry-specific standards and terms, with more than 1,000 security and privacy controls
  • Control who and when someone has access to your business information with security groups and custom permissions
  • Create password policies that require users to reset their passwords after a specified number of days

Advanced threat protection and security features

  • Help protect against sophisticated threats hidden in email attachments and links, and get cutting-edge defenses against zero-day threats, ransomware, and other advanced malware attempts with Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  • Remotely wipe company data from lost or stolen devices with selective wipe from Intune
  • Restrict the copying or saving of company information to unauthorized apps and locations with app protection for Office mobile apps
  • Control who has access to company information by applying restrictions like do not copy and do not forward with Information Rights Management
  • Apply policies that provide prebreach threat resistance in Windows 10 with Windows Defender Exploit Guard
  • Enforce malware protection to help keep your Windows 10 devices safe from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software with Windows Defender
  • Enable unlimited cloud archive and long-term preservation policies to ensure you never lose an email with Exchange Online Archiving

Windows 10 and device management

  • Configure security features and settings on Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices running iOS or Android® with an easy-to-use setup wizard
  • Use simplified controls to manage policies applied to Windows 10 PCs
  • Automatically deploy the Office apps to Windows 10 PCs
  • Configure your PCs to automatically install Office and Windows 10 updates
  • Apply security policies to protect business data on all your devices, including iOS, Android®, and Windows PCs with mobile device management from Intune
M365 Business Standard vs. Premium

Price difference between Microsoft 365 Business Standard vs Premium

You need to remember that Business Premium is the extension of the Business Standard plan which costs around $15.00 per month/user. Business Premium subscription in more expensive and costs around: $24.00 per month/user.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard vs Premium – features comparison

Review the main differences in available features between Microsoft 365 Business Standard vs. Premium plans. The main difference between Standard and Premium plans are advanced security features.

Business Standard

Business Premium
Monthly commitment – price per user$ 15.00$ 24.00
Annual commitment price per user$ 150.00$ 240.00
Plan detailsDetails Details
Trial licenseTrialTrial
Key features
Office 365 platform
Exchange Online
Microsoft Teams
SharePoint Online
OneDrive for Business
Skype for Business Online
Office for the web
Office Suite applications
Project Online
Power BI
Yammer Enterprise
Microsoft Kaizala
Microsoft Bookings
Microsoft Power Automate
Microsoft Forms
Microsoft Graph API
Microsoft MyAnalytics
Microsoft Planner
Microsoft PowerApps
Microsoft StaffHub
Microsoft Stream
Microsoft Sway
Plan detailsDetailsDetails


Microsoft 365 Business Standard vs Premium – common questions

Questions around the comparison of the Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Microsoft 365 Business Premium plans:

  • Does Microsoft 365 Business Standard / Premium contain Teams?
    • Yes. Both Standard and Premium plans contain Microsoft Teams.
  • Can I mix Standard and Premium plans in one organization?
    • Yes, you can mix any Office 365 E and Microsoft 365 Business plans across users in your organization.
  • Is the number of Business subscriptions limited?
    • Yes, the maximum number of Microsoft 365 Business subscriptions is 300.

Maybe I can test the Office 365 plan

Microsoft 365 plans are not free, but … you can start with the 30 days trial subscription and play it before you will decide to put investments in new tools or get totally free license for the testing, development purpose.

Microsoft Office 365 Trial licenses:

? Microsoft 365 Business Premium 30 days Trial Subscription

Free Microsoft 365 Developer license

If you would need Microsoft 365 plan for the testing, development or deliver Proof of Concept for your client you can use totally free Office 365 Developer program

? Register for free in Microsoft 365 Developer program


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Compare Microsoft 365 Business Standard vs Premium plans. Learn about the main differences between Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Business Premium.

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