How to get Microsoft Office 365 for FREE

Using Office 365 service is connected with buying a subscription for the users.

What to do if you are looking to test, play with or learn about Office 365?

  1. How to get Microsoft Office 365 for FREE
  2. Create test tenant for Microsoft Office 365
  3. What is included in Office 365 subscription
  4. Compare Office 365 & Microsoft 365 plans, pricing and features
  5. How to buy Office 365 online subscription
  6. Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  7. Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  8. Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  9. Microsoft 365 Apps for Business
  10. Office 365 E1
  11. Office 365 E3
  12. Office 365 E5
  13. Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise
  14. Podcast Episode 6 – What is the difference between Microsoft 365 Business and Office 365 E plans?
  15. Price increase of Microsoft 365 plans

There are several ways to get Microsoft Office 365 products for free. I will share with you a few ways to get Office 365 subscriptions for free. Thanks to that you play with it, learn more about it and build your first solutions.

If you are Office 365 Power User, Business Champion or Office 365 users your own Office 365 environment will give you the possibility to deep dive into Microsoft Cloud. Moreover, your Office 365 "Development" environment will be totally separated from other Office 365 so you can hard anyone else.

You can use additional Office 365 free tenant for:

I want to encourage you to get your own Office 365 tenant and use available apps.


Some of the links below are "affiliate links". It means if you will order in next 30 days the licenses or trial subscriptions from Microsoft I will receive a small commission. No extra cost for you.


Get the free trial Office 365 subscription

The simplest way to get free access to Office 365 is to sign up for the Office 365 Trial license.

Key parameters of the service:

During registration to the subscription, you will be asked your credit card. After 30 days you will be charged with the license costs. You need to cancel your subscription before the 30 day trial period will finish.

Sign-up for the Microsoft Office 365 Trial license:

Office 365 Business 30 days Trial Subscription

Office 365 Business Premium 30 days Trial Subscription

Office 365 E3 30 days Trial Subscription

Office 365 E5 30 days Trial Subscription


6-months Office 365 E1 Tral License

Microsoft prepared a special option for the companies that need to face remote work-related with the Covid-19 pandemic. Subscription will work from March 2020 to August 2020. To receive this license you need to contact your local Microsoft office.

Office 365 E1 180 days Trial Subscription

If you decide to continue with Office 365 in a commercial model you automatically move from trial to production tenant.



Get the free Office 365 Developer subscription

An alternative way to get your own Office 365 subscription is to sign for the Office 365 Developer program.

Key parameters of the service:

If you will actively use the service your subscription will be extended for the next 3 months period of time.

Β  If you will actively use and build solutions on Office 365 Developer tenant it will be renewed every 3 months.

It is a great scenario for setting up a developer or testing tenant.

Sign-up for the Microsoft Office 365 Developer license:

Office 365 Developer Subscription

Remember this solution for non-production use. You will be able to use it as long as you will execute activity on it.


Get the free Office 365 from your school

Microsoft offers free Office 365 for Education licenses for students who own school email address.

Key parameters of the service:

To register for Office 365 for Education your school needs to join Microsoft program and you have to own a school email address.

Sign-up for the Microsoft Office 365 Education license:

Office 365 A1 Subscription

Remember that you can use the license during studying. When you will lose your student status your account will be turn-on into read-only mode and removed after 6o days.


Get the free Office Online services for individual

Microsoft offers also a free version of most Office 365 services for an individual. If you are a freelancer it could a good solution for you.

Key parameters of the service:

To register for free Office services you will need Microsoft Account.

Sign-up for the Microsoft free Office Services:

Microsoft Account

Microsoft Office Online


Microsoft Teams

The Office solutions for an individual have limitations but could be a simple alternative if you don't need a complex app package. The mixture of OneDrive, Teams and Office Online will help you to improve your productivity.

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