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Plan your career in the Microsoft 365 technology stack. Learn how to prepare to role of the Office 365 Consultant role when you are starting or retraining to a new career path. Get to know what skills will help you in your career in Office 365 and how to start your journey in the job of the Office 365 Consultant. Disclaimer: In this video, I’m sharing my subjective perspective based on my experience.

Career as Office 365 Consultant

⏰ Timestamps

00:00 – Title

00:18 – Introduction

01:44 – Career in Microsoft 365

04:00 – My experience as Office 365 Consultant

05:38 – For whom is Office 365 Consultant career

07:22 – Why it’s worth working as Office 365 Consultant

10:08 – Soft skills required in Consultant role

17:58 – Want’s to be Consultant? Watch Big Bang Theory

20:50 – Technical skills required in Consultant role

28:10 – Conclusion

31:30 – Outro

Career as Office 365 Consultant


Start your journey to become Microsoft 365 Champion. Gain crucial technical skills.

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