Thanks to improvements in Office 365 environment, now you can easily convert existing SharePoint site into Hub site. In new SharePoint Admin portal thanks to two steps, you can create Hub site.

Till now you don't have to use PowerShell to create the Hub site. In new SharePoint Admin portal in few clicks, you will be able to create SharePoint Hub site.

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The additional features offered to Hub site

Site converted to Hub site offers few new interesting features for SharePoint Online.

Unified global navigation

In the hub site you can configure global navigation to all associated sites to the hub. SItes will have unified additional top navigation. To add elements to navigation just click Add link (1) button.

Associated sites

Thanks to option Create site (2) you can create new sites which will be associated with the hub. All associated sites will:

  • unified top navigation
  • set the same site design
  • content in associated sites could be aggregated in the modern web pats

Additional options

You can set additional the Hub site settings (1).

You can set:

  • Hub site navigation logo (1) -  the dedicated icon which will be used in top hub navigation,
  • Hub site navigation name (2) - display name for the link to hub site in the top navigation,
  • Site design applied to associated sites (3) - site design that will be applied to sites after association.

Creation of the SharePoint Hub site in few clicks

In the first step, you will need to is log in to Office 365

1. Open Office 365

Open Office 365 site using address. In Office site choose Admin button.

2. Open SharePoint Administration Center

When you will open Admin site choose Admin centers (1) and then SharePoint Admin Center (2).

3. Open New SharePoint Admin Center

Open SharePoint Admin center and switch to the Modern SharePoint Admin portal by Try it now button.

3. Creat Hub site

In the navigation choose Active sites section.

Creation of the Hub site is based on converting the existing site to the Hub site. Choose existing modern site collection and choose Hub site (1) and Register a hub site (2).

In the new window, you will be able to convert site to new Hub site by setting Hub site display name (1) and setting People who can associate sites with this hub (2). Creation will be don after Save (3).

The process should take no more than 2-3 seconds. You will site that site is converted to Hub site.



Do associated sites with hub have unified permissions?

No. Sites does not inherit permissions from hub site.

How many sites can associated to hub site?

There's no limit of sites associated to hub site.

How many hub sites can be created?

The maximum number is up to 100 hub sites. (1Q 2019)