Many Office 365 users asking how to send nice looking email newsletters to colleagues. Preparation of the engaging newsletters in the Outlook applications could be a challenge, so maybe using SharePoint will be the easier way to build great looking newsletter?

Thankfully building modern-looking newsletter in Office 365 is a really easy job and do not require technical knowledge from you. All you need to have is a SharePoint site!

Building engaging newsletter will give you an additional communication channel that will bring your colleagues to the most important information that you want to share with them. You can use this tool to:

  • inform about changes in the department
  • present success storied of your team
  • share project case studies
  • introduce new employees
  • invite your colleagues for the team events or meetings

All of that you do just by using your SharePoint site. If you do not have own SharePoint site or your site does not have described function you can create a new one based on below tutorial.

Creation of the newsletter content

In the first step, you will need to create content of the newsletter that will be sent to your colleagues.

1. Create SharePoint Site

To start your work you will need to have SharePoint site that allows you to create the newsletter. To create SharePoint site follow article How to create SharePoint Communication Site.

If you cannot find the link to Create Site button you will need to contact with your IT service team for the creation of the site. Click here to get the email template that you can send to IT Administrator.

2. Publish interesting news

On your SharePoint site, you will have the possibility to gather interesting announcements that you will be able to share with your colleagues. In the article How to create great announcements on Office 365 you will find the tutorial that will guide you through this process.

Remember that first impression done by your newsletter will strongly depend on the visual side of your announcements. During the preparation of every news try to focus on the catchy header and great leading pictures.

You will find more tips related to the preparation of the beautiful announcements in the linked article.

Send the newsletter

The final step of our process is sending an email newsletter to our colleagues. Generation of news digest will take no more than 2-3 minutes. Remember that you will need to have content of announcements already in place.

1. Preparation

Before you will you will send the newsletter to prepare three key elements:

  • Choose 4 to 7 key announcements you want to share
  • Sort them from the most to the least important
  • Nominate the list of colleagues to whom you want to send the newsletter

2. Open the announcements

To send the newsletter open SharePoint site that contains the News section and open view of all announcements.

By choosing to See all button you will display all announcements.

3. Start generation of the newsletter

Just click on Send a news digest button.

4. Choose announcements that you want to share

Ticking the boxes next to the post (1, 2) will be required to choose posts for newsletter content. When you will be ready to click on Next (3) button.

5. Compose the email content

In the final step, you will need to compose all information that will be sent in the email notification. You will need to fill in the form and set chosen news, by:

  • (1) Headline – put here catchy headline information for your colleagues. If you are planning to send a regular newsletter to your users it is worth to put the date at the beginning of the headline. An example you can use:

Example #1
Check out news from Sales team

Example #2
5 great improvements done by Sales team this month

Example #3
We deliver! Check our success stories

  • (2) To – type here the recipients of the message
  • (3) Message Body – you can put here an additional message that will be displayed in the top of the email message. From the perspective of the way how newsletter is built, I recommend putting here one sentence that extend the essence of the headline.
  • (4) Remove button – remove news from the newsletter
  • (5) Move button – change the order of the announcements
  • (6) Send news digest button – send a prepared newsletter to your colleagues

6. Enjoy the results of your work!

Your work is done. Your colleagues in a few seconds will receive the great looking newsletter prepared by you.



Can I send the newsletter to people outside my organization?

Yes, you can. To send news digest to external partners you have to share the SharePoint site with them first.  Detailed instruction about sharing your SharePoint site with the external users is described in the article How to share SharePoint site with external partners.

Can I put recipients in BCC field?

Unfortunately not. All recipients will be displayed in To field and email address will be visible to each other.

Can I automate the newsletter sending process?

Automation of the sending process is possible but will require technical support form IT service team.

Can I copy the list of recipients to the newsletter?

Not directly. You can use SharePoint group to easily manage recipients of the message. More details on the SharePoint Group creation you will find in the article How to create SharePoint group.


Do you have an additional question? Put it in the comment or send it to me using the contact form.


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Hi, my name is Szymon Bochniak. I'm working as Office 365 Delivery Manager focused on business processes that help the organization in digital transformations. The main goal of my daily work is to improve business productivity using Office 365 platform thanks to the Adoption of Cloud Apps.

16 Thoughts on “How to create newsletter in Office 365”

  • Hi Szymon –
    Do you have any examples that provide subscribe/unsubscribe, opt-in/opt-out capabilities?
    I apologize if this is already a well-known feature of Sharepoint Online/Office 365, but I’m not familiar with it – thank you!

  • Hi Szymon
    Thanks for your post , I try It’s works fine !
    A little question, is it possible to change the newsletter header ? For exemple add an image.

    Best regards


    • Hello Serge,
      There’s no out of the box way to customize the message layout of the message.

      You have two alternatives:
      simple but manual – sent the newsletter to yourself, change the layout and forward it to your colleagues.
      complex but automatic – build solution to sent the newsletter via Power Automate. You should assume this will require a lot of work to get valuable results.

      In this case solution is very simple, but you cannot change its look & feel.

  • Hello Szymon,

    A little question…
    do you know a solution to integrate in each section that composes a newsletter some properties of the pages that compose the newsletter.

    Thanks a lot


  • Hi Szymon !
    How are you today ? 😉

    I am looking for how to apply a notion of profile on page content. Let me explain, I would like the content of the same page to be different depending on the profile of the person who consults it (the profile may correspond to membership of a particular security group).
    I found the notion of audience which can be activated in a web part. I see that when activated it applies to the security group defined in the properties of the page that contains the web part.
    But that does not meet my need.

    Is there a solution to “profile” a page?

    Thkx a lot

    • You can easily filter the Document libraries and List per logged user using item-level permissions. Unfortunately, to get a similar experience for the page content you will need some custom code web part which will adapt to logged user and load the data from data source in the background (SharePoint List).

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