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Start to use SharePoint Document Libraries and improve the way how you store, manage and collaborate on documents in your Organization. Start to work with documents in a modern way using SharePoint Document Libraries. Start to use the key functionalities of SharePoint libraries to improve the collaboration on documents.

Document Library – SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365

⏰ Timestamps

00:00 – Title

00:17 – Introduction

01:21 – Invite for the SharePoint Consultant course

02:15 – SharePoint Document Library in Teams

03:16 – How to create SharePoint Document Library

04:26 – Document library options and navigation

05:40 – When to use SharePoint document library?

06:06 – How to upload or create documents in SharePoint?

08:42 – File context features in the SharePoint library

10:17 – Introduction to Collaboration features

11:28 – Sharing files in SharePoint Document Library

13:19 – Why not use OneDrive for team collaboration

13:56 – Co-authoring in SharePoint Document Library

16:30 – Version control in SharePoint Document Library

18:39 – Collaboration in SharePoint is better than anything else

19:15 – Introduction to Metadata and Views

20:32 – Additional metadata in SharePoint Document Library

24:57 – Searching documents using metadata in SharePoint

25.43 – Views – reporting in SharePoint Document Library

30:02 – Conclusion

31:08 – Outro

Document Library – SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365


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Document Library – SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365