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Prepare your SharePoint site to work on a global scale and start to use multilingual pages across SharePoint Online.

Learn how to use the multilingual SharePoint interface.

Create multilingual SharePoint Online sites in Microsoft 365

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00:00 – Title

00:14 – Introduction

00:36 – Turn on translation feature

01:30 – Translating SharePoint pages

02:34 – Multilingual SharePoint interface

03:10 – Conclusion

03:24 – Outro

Create multilingual SharePoint Online sites in Microsoft 365
Create multilingual SharePoint Online sites in Microsoft 365


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? Transcription

Build Multilingual SharePoint sites.
When you’re using SharePoint sites to build Global Intranet, sooner or later you will need to be able to deliver the content in multiple languages like announcement like that it has to be present in multiple languages. So thankfully SharePoint offers you the possibility to translate the content you gathered there.
The only thing you have to do is turn on translation services for the SharePoint pages. Go to the site information and to view all site settings. This is still a classic page when you can found quite complex SharePoint configuration and you will found their language settings. In this place you can find the possibility to turn on multiple languages functionality on SharePoint Online. When you will turn it on, you can add additional languages to your SharePoint site. Thanks to that you can translate your page to multiple languages. Moreover, for every language, you can assign the translator that will get the task to prepare manually. The translation of the content end of the page. After turning on this feature, you can get to every page and you will see the new functionality. New option here translation when you will get there you will see that you can create additional pages for each separated language or you can create multiple pages for all additional languages. After the moment the pages will be created and the users will get the request to create the translation for the SharePoint page. Every assigned translator will get the request to set the translation in the assigned language. So the only thing they have to do is to click on the bottom, go to the page which is copy of the source page, prepare for the translation. So the only thing you have to do is to click the edit button and adopt this content to the native language that will be used. You can see that all elements already here. You have to just prepare it when you translation will be ready. Published the news publication of the alternative translation of Artikkel will deliver the new button to the user interface, which allows to switch between the available languages. Of course, this is only visible for the pages that have translation prepared. Here you can see that you have two drought versions which are not yet published. Plus you have German version that is paper already by me. This functionality gives you possibility to deliver the. Multilingual SharePoint pages very easily, but remember all translations have to be done manually. There is no automatic interface here. I hope this Quick guide about creating the multilingual SharePoint pages will help you to start working with it. Play with it, see what available options are and found your translator across the organization.

Create multilingual SharePoint Online sites in Microsoft 365