You can use Emoji icons in Microsoft Teams.

Learn how to use Teams emoji to improve communication and collaboration.

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Microsoft Teams is a modern collaboration app that allows you to organize video calls, webinars or manage project documents. But the fundamental feature of Microsoft Teams is chat. What will be a chat without emojis?

Learn how to use emoji shortcuts in the Microsoft Teams application.


How to add emoji to Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams natively offers you the possibility to use 880 emojis in the chat messages. Teams administrator could turn them off but this is an extremely rare situation.

You use emojis in your message using the smile icon at the bottom of the screen.

You can select any of 880 available emoji icons in your message.


Microsoft Teams Emoji Shortcuts

It is also possible to use text shortcuts to add emoji to your Teams message. Start to write using ( sign and describe the emoji. Teams will propose available options.

You will find a list of all 880 Emoji shortcuts on the Microsoft site.

Windows Emoji in Microsoft Teams

You can use emoji included in Microsoft Windows. You will find there 992 emojis.

To open Microsoft Emoji use the shortcut Windows Sign + .  It will open the Windows Emoji panel.

You can use this Emoji icon in every application, not only in Microsoft Teams.

👉 Windows Emojis could be used in the channel names 😉



Start to use Teams or Microsoft emoji using Microsoft Teams application. Use Teams emoji shortcuts and improve your communication.