Microsoft announced the prices increase of Microsoft 365 plans.

Since 1 March 2022, Microsoft 365 subscriptions prices will increase 5-20%.

Microsoft announced that on 1 March 20220 prices of  Microsoft 365 plans will be increased. New pricing of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscriptions is something that will be presented sooner or later. Costs of Office 365 licenses going up for the first time in the last few years.

Costs increase of Microsoft 365 plans & subscriptions


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Microsoft in the announcement shared the update about  Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscription costs will go up in 2022 year. You will need to plan to update your Microsoft licenses cost budget for 2022 year.

I prepared for you the summary of the changes, calculator of the costs, and recommendations on how to optimize your licensing to save money.

When does the new pricing of Microsoft 365 subscriptions start?

New pricing for the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 plans will be implemented on 1 March 2022. There are no many details about the change yet, but you can assume the scenario that all prices for new and existing customers will be updated.

New pricing of Microsoft 365 plans

New prices of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscriptions for 2022 year. Changes in the Microsoft 365 plans prices:

What is important announced change is a very general level of information that focuses on the annual commitment for Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscriptions. What about the pricing of the rest of the available subscriptions or other models of commitments? Today there’s no confirmed information about it. The article will be updated based on new announcements.

Calculator of the new Microsoft 365 pricing costs

If you are planning the budget for the Microsoft 365 licensing probably you will need to recalculate your planned costs for 2020. To make it easier I prepared a simple calculator in an Excel file which will help you to do that. You can download the calculator below.

Costs increase of Microsoft 365 plans & subscriptions

How to generate saving on Microsoft 365 costs?

New Microsoft 365 pricing is a challenge for your 2022 budget? For the subscribers of the blog newsletter, I prepared 4 tips to save $ 2250+ monthly.


Microsoft 365 plans prices going up. Learn how Office 365 costs will increase and prepare your budget for the 2022 year for Microsoft licenses.

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