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I want to show you a super-easy way to extend Microsoft List for additional workflows. Use Power Automate to build business flow. Start using ready-to-use templates or build flows by yourself.

Implement Approval process workflow to Microsoft Lists

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Implement Approval process workflow to Microsoft Lists


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Learn how to add approval process to Microsoft Lists

After you will create your business app you may want to automate the business process connected with the data.
Power Automate offers you ready workflows which you can implement in just a few clicks.
In the shared example, I will extend the list for the Owner of the Purchase Order who needs to approve every registered entry.

You should assume that your apps and process will change in time.
Microsoft Lists offers the possibility to adapt it without any IT skills.
Moreover, you can setup a fully automated approval process by yourself.

I will extend the list for the new columns which very easy and fill it with the owners’ names.
This is an example of how easy you can change the data structure of your list.
People column will be used to nominate the approver but it could be also used to find this person in the organization.

Power Automate integration with Microsoft Lists gives you the possibility to use add workflows to your app.
You can choose from ready to use templates, like Approval for the new items.
When you will select it you will be navigated to Power Automate where you need to set up the approval process.
The only thing you have to do to select an approver.
This assignment will dynamically select the user from the Owner column and execute the approval process.
When you will be ready just Save the process

We did implement the approval flow.
When somebody will add a new record to the list it will execute the approval process.
The assigned approver will receive the approval form directly in the Outlook.
As you can see the implementation of the approval process is super-easy.

Power Automate allows you to extend your Microsoft Lists app into workflows.
You can start ready-to-use templates, change them, or create new flows from scratch.
This is a really powerful solution, so I encourage You to try it.

Implement Approval process workflow to Microsoft Lists