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Learn to use new features of Microsoft Lists: Image column and Gallery view. Create great-looking picture-based views.

Add pictures to your Lists and create beautiful Galleries.

Create Gallery View for SharePoint Lists in Microsoft 365

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00:00 – Title

00:17 – Introduction

00:30 – Image column feature

02:26 – Gallery view

03:00 – Conclusion

03:12 – Outro

Create Gallery View for SharePoint Lists in Microsoft 365


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? Transcription

I want to show you today how to use the new functionality of Microsoft List to create the Gallery using the image column. I want to present the new feature of Microsoft lists which is the image column to the new functionality, which gives you a possibility to manage images across Microsoft lists.


Now you are able to add a new column in the type of image which gives you the possibility to add pictures as additional metadata to your Microsoft list records. This is a new feature so you should be prepared that not everything works perfectly well in edit gridview. You cannot use that column to add the pictures directly. From here you have to add that kind of image files directly. From the record perspective. You can see that you have new bottom here. You can select the new picture and based on that attach it to your Microsoft list record. When you will fill out your Microsoft list with the pictures can create really great solutions containing images like a contact list with the faces of your Contacts registered. There you can manage the pictures by editing the form and just editing the picture or deleting it. It’s important to know that all those kinds of images are saving the hidden library. If you using my lists in one drive site assets, you can get there by putting that kind of name to extend your address and in a hidden folder, which is good of your Microsoft list, you can found or pictures which are saved as image columns on your Microsoft lists. It is important to understand where that data is saved. Because it could be tricky when you will have secure data saved on Microsoft List because you will also have to take care of the behavior of this storage of the data. So remember always to check “Site assets” if you’re looking for the pictures saved in the image column on Microsoft List.


And the really great value from having an image column is the possibility to use Gallery view. So this is something totally new. You can see how great that kind of overview of the lease records looks like when the pictures are added there. Moreover, this is just the way of the display of the list, so you can manage the columns by editing the view and again you can see you can get a really nice picture-based overview with just one click I hope you like the new functionality of the Gallery view and you will try it on your Microsoft list. Add the image column, check how it works and shares your ideas or feedback on the comments field.

Create Gallery View for SharePoint Lists in Microsoft 365