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The success of the adoption process rests on the shoulders of business users.

The nomination of the right Business Champions could help you to properly adopt Office 365 Apps by the business users.

Why Business Champions are needed?

The adoption process is challenging for the organization because of the lack of engagement of business users to Office 365 rollout. Moving the business side of your organization to utilize more Office 365 Apps need a strong partnership with …. the business. If you will focus on IT side you will be able to manage a very narrow part of your company.

This is the reason why you need to go wide with looking for ambassadors of Office 365. Having engaged partners across the organization will help to reach more of your colleagues.

How to select Ambassadors for Microsoft 365 Champion program


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Size of the Business Champions team

There’s no one, universal size of Business Champions team. From my experience team of 10 to 15 members will guarantee a strong representation of the business side. The biggest challenge with building the team is to have engaged Champions. It will be great if the team will have 6 fully-engaged members.

Finally, you will need to build the team that will fit the best to the local unique environment.

Main tasks of the Business Champions

Tasks and responsibilities on the Business Champions:

  • representation of business needs and challenges
  • participation in Discovery Workshops
  • engagement in project and timeline planning
  • beeing the first to learn about Office 365
  • beeing the ambassador of the Office 365 platform for the colleagues

How to choose Office 365 Business Champions?

How to select Ambassadors for Microsoft 365 Champion program

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How to select Ambassadors for Microsoft 365 Champion program

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How to select Ambassadors for Microsoft 365 Champion program