Losing the data stored on the local computer could be very painful.

Office 365 offers a very simple solution that can help you to prepare a backup solution for your personal data stored on PC with OneDrive Windows 10.

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Thanks to OneDrive functionality you can automatically backup data from your Windows 10. You can secure the data from your personal folders:

  • Desktop
  • Pictures
  • Documents

All data will be automatically synchronized to your OneDrive space in Office 365. Your data will be protected from hard drive failure.

Moreover, you will have the possibility to access the data from different devices, locations including mobile OneDrive App.


Please be noted that the setup of the Windows 10 backup feature could be automatically setup or blocked by your IT Service team. If this feature will not be available please contact your ITS team.


How to setup automatic Windows 10 backup to OneDrive

To setup the auto backup solution for your personal data on your Windows 10 you need to have OneDrive App installed on your PC. If you are using Windows 10 it will be there you don't need to do anything ?

1. Open OneDrive Settings

In the first step choose OneDrive (1). It could happen that you will have more than one OneDrive icon. On the below screenshot you can see there is a white OneDrive personal icon. You need to choose the correct OneDrive App.

Than choose Setting (2) option.

2. Setup OneDrive Backup feature

In the Microsoft OneDrive settings open Backup (1) tab and choose Manage backup button (2)

In the next step you will see the initial backup window. You can choose here which folders: Desktop, Documents or Pictures you want to backup to OneDrive. To setup an automatic backup process chooses the folders and click on Start backup (1).


In a few minutes, your Windows 10 backup solution will be ready!

When the backup synchronization process will be finished you will be able to OneDrive icon.

Now you can sleep safer ? Your Windows 10 data will be automatically backup in the Office 365 ?