Every digitalized business application will require backend workflow and frontend forms.

Power Apps for Office 365 is a great solution for low-code development of the forms.

Power Apps is the platform that allows developing the forms and business logic behind it in a low code approach. PowerApps gives you the possibility to develop business applications. If you will connect it with Power Automate you can build complex applications with digitalized business processes.

In this article, I want to share with you ready to use Power Apps template examples. You can start your work with PowerApps development based on available templates. That kind of learning path of Power Apps development could be efficient on the entry-level steps.

Examples of Microsoft Power Apps templates for Office 365


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Proposed applications can be deployed quickly on your Office 365 environment and delivered to your business users.

You can also extend your business apps by using ready Power Automate templates

What is Power Apps for Office 365

Microsoft Power Apps (previously called Microsoft PowerApps) is a low-code development platform for building digitalized business applications. You can use this platform to deliver digitalized business applications.

Features which you can deliver using Power Apps:

  • customization of the SharePoint forms
  • mobile application connected to Office 365
  • dedicated application with custom forms
  • complex applications with separated data structure on CDS

Working with Power Apps examples gives you the possibility to start working on this platform.

How to start with Power Apps development?

In case Power Apps are totally new for you I recommend to strat with te tutorial template app which will present basic Power Apps development tasks.

Microsoft Power Apps examples ready to use

I want to share with you the first Power Apps applications which you can use to start developing the first business applications with Power Platform. Presented applications are ready to use. You can work with the applications and extend based on your needs

Setting up the Power Apps applications based on available templates is recommended the first step in learning this technology.

To start the work with Power Apps open site: https://make.powerapps.com/. Configuration of the application requires only the setup of the connections to Office 365 services

1. Training materials for Power Apps – Power Apps template

A really interesting app that helps to learn the first steps with Power Apps. Gather knowledge about Power Apps development and play with your first template. App describes 5 examples of how to develop 5 scenarios in using Power Apps with: People picker, Planner, Outlook, OneNote, and generation of Pop up.

There are really great examples of the “Hello world” app in Power Apps.

Examples of Microsoft Power Apps templates for Office 365
Power Apps Training for Office
Power Apps Training app

You can use the app to review the possibilities of the Power Apps development platform.

2. Book a room – Power Apps template

A very simple but useful application that allows you to book rooms available in Outlook/Exchange and assign it to You or to your meetings in the calendar. The Power App application is ready to use in mobile phone or tablet mode.

Examples of Microsoft Power Apps templates for Office 365
Book a Room

Examples of Microsoft Power Apps templates for Office 365


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Booking room application for Office 365

You can use the Book a room Power App to help users in booking available meeting rooms.

3. Org Browser – Power Apps template

Another simple but extremely useful Power Apps application that helps to search trough company organization structure. Ideal application for the mobile phone to easily find contact information to the colleague.

Examples of Microsoft Power Apps templates for Office 365Org Browser
Organization structure browser Power App

Thanks to the Organization contacts search engine you can quickly find on your mobile device contact information to your colleagues.


4. Leave request – Power Apps template

The application that digitalize the most popular business process in the organizations – holiday requesting. Applications give you the possibility to build a simple holiday requesting and approval process. Data managed in the process could be stored in the OneDrive in the Excel file.

Examples of Microsoft Power Apps templates for Office 365
Leave request
Leave request business app for Office 365

Manage holidays for your team or organization thanks to simple Power Apps application that manage the whole process. Remember that data managed in the app is saved into an Excel file in the OneDrive account.


5. Onboarding tasks – Power Apps template

The last application on my recommendation list is a nice app for task management connected with the onboarding process of the new employees. You can customize the app to navigates new colleagues through the first hours in the company and to get them the information about the organization.

Examples of Microsoft Power Apps templates for Office 365
Onboarding tasks
The onboarding process for new employees Power App

You can build a nice and smooth onboarding process for new employees using Power Apps ready-to-use template.

What’s next?

Perfect! You did learn how to start with Power Apps development. Don’t stop in here and start to work with Power Platform. Learn how to import data from Excel to SharePoint listhow to get filtered records from SharePoint or how to use Microsoft Dataverse.

Do you want more?

I prepared more articles that could help you get a better understanding of Power AutomatePower AppsMicrosoft Lists and SharePoint Online.


Microsoft Power Apps for Office 365 is a great solution to build business applications. I shared with you the most interesting Power Apps examples, but there’s more available free templates you can use. Do you have your favorite Power Apps template?

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