Microsoft prepared 3 additional templates that you can use on your Office 365 environment. 

New SharePoint templates are: SharePoint success story, employee onboarding, and freelance community.

Microsoft through the Lookbook portal delivers great SharePoint site templates which you can deploy in a few steps directly to your environment. Deployment of the site templates covers look & fill sample data and the whole configuration of the site. Don’t worry about the deployment process, it is fully automated.

On the blog, you will ready found articles that help you start to use the Lookbook platform:

Now there are three additional site templates available.

You can deploy these site templates directly to your SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Success Stories site template

Initialization of the work on Office 365 is connected with the launch of SharePoint Online in the organization. When you building a group of business champions that will start the work on SharePoint pages you should support them.

SharePoint Success Site offers great solutions using Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways (required) to deliver complex inspiration repository for the business users. Support your colleagues with great resources that will help them to achieve success using SharePoint Online.

👉 Download SharePoint Success Stories site template



Employee onboarding SharePoint site template

Microsoft also prepared a great solution for the Human Resource department in the Employee onboarding hub site template. This HR hub site offers 4 dedicated site templates with prepared content that you can almost instantly start to use.

Multiple sites support the onboarding process for new employees from the perspective of the whole process. You will find onboarding checklists, communities and navigation to crucial tools for new team members.

I highly recommend to deploy it just to inspire how to organize the communication for the onboarding process.

👉 Download Employee onboarding SharePoint site template


Freelance community SharePoint site template

The last new SharePoint template provided by Microsoft is dedicated to organizing a community for freelancers. Frankly, this is a very specific direction to use it. Thankfully this SharePoint site template could be successfully used as a foundation for other community sites, like: volunteers, sports athletes, or board game fans.

You can deploy this site and build a community site for any group in your organization.


👉 Download Freelance community SharePoint site template




More and more SharePoint site templates are available for deployment for Office 365. Build beautiful SharePoint Online sites thanks to predefined templates.

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