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I’m sharing my second TOP 5 Teams Apps recommendation. This time I focued on the apps that you can use as templates to address the challenges of your organization. Shared Teams applications will help you to manage the approval process, remind about important events or tasks and 3 greate template apps you can adapt to your needs: idea management, issue requests and resource center.

Top 5 Microsoft Teams Apps You Should Use in Microsoft 365

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Today I prepared a second recommendation list of the Kings application that you need to try on your Office 365 environment. Welcome with Microsoft Teams Best applications ranking that you can deploy in your environment for free. Today I got there five applications that could help you to work better. A few of them are great templates that you can use whenever you want, so took one Microsoft to provide for you and then extend it to your internal needs. It could be issued tracking, idea management, approvals reminders. So it’s a very simple bot or Resource Center of knowledge management. One centralized place where you can store all templates and documents that all users should have access to. I highly recommend trying this application, see how they work in your environment and adapt it to your needs. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to use Microsoft Teams or Office 365 to benefit for the organization, please subscribe to the channel. See other videos. If you like the video left the thumbs up. You will also find a load of additional. Inspirations for you all my Block Office 365 edward.com. For now, I will switch to my screen and present you the new recommended application that I highly recommend you to try on your Office 365 environment. The first application on the new top Microsoft Teams apps. I would like to recommend you are approvals. Something very simple application that will help you to centralize the list of all approvals across Office 365 where the power automate is included to deliver the approval process. Then this approval will appear from your perspective. Could look very simple but having the one place where you can see all approvals which are sent by you. Somebody or receive from the application. For example, this disapproval is delivered by the publishing process of SharePoint page and you can get that directly to your Microsoft Teams and you can easily approve that using approvals. You don’t have to go through dozens of SharePoint pages, just use the approvals. You will get the whole request there. Moreover, all requests that are sent by you will be also presented in here, so you can take them. Control where you are and what’s happening in your environment from the perspective of the approval process. One more thing which you can do is also to start the approval directly from here and you can send it to other users using approval in teams. Very simple application helping to centralized the way how your approval workflows working in your environment from 1 panel to add the application just go to UPS and their search for the approvals. As soon you will find the application added, the application will be automatically added on the left side navigation. The second application for Microsoft Teams I would like to recommend you is Resource Center application that is a mixture between the bot that could advise grade information hosted in Resource Center. This is the central place where all documents or templates or training materials could be shared with your users. Other landing page application in Microsoft Teams are something very similar to the Microsoft Learning pathways, but this is more helpful from a perspective. Of how to use teams, how to centralized the templates across the organization. And this is set up based on data already shared by Microsoft, but at the same time, if you will go to the admin center, you can manage this content so you can create your structure. You can create your materials delivered here. The video trainings that templates of the documents, templates of the presentations, word files, maybe images, logo or branding of your organization. Very simple. Application which helps to centralized the way how you deliver content for your users from perspective of your organization. To add application go for apps. Search for Resource Center and added to your Microsoft Teams. As soon as you will do that, it could be required to do additional authorization of the application near Microsoft Teams and approving permissions for the app. As soon as you will do, that app is available for you. The third application on today’s recommendation is is remind super simple app that help you to set up the reminders in Microsoft Teams. And you need to be reminded about something. You can use this application to set up the reminder which will deliver automated notification that will be delivered to you by bot in set up time frame. You can see you can use natural language to set up the reminder bot will remember about your tasks and send you reminder to do something. This is not the complex application, rather fun app that could help you, but still could be very useful from perspective of the daily work. So if you need to optimize the way how you work, use remind. This is the custom, not Microsoft based application, but could help you to work on something during a day. Bot is ready to go to add remind up, go to apps, then search for remind and decide when do you want to add it to the team to the chat or to the meeting. After this action you will be able to work with it. The 4th application I would like to recommend today is idea management solution for Microsoft Teams, powerups based application that allows you to organize the process of gathering the feedback and ideas around the team. The application is split to two elements, one is managing the ideas when you can create the campaign. So decide whenever how long you want to gather the feedback from your team members, how it should be presented, how it would be structured and. It will allow you also to manage existing campaigns that are during the process of gathering the feedback. It is quite simple, but because of whole configuration which is behind, it will give a lot of possibilities to adapt it to your needs. In presented idea you can see that this is more connected with the office management, but you can switch it to the IT to HR to any kind of Kaizen process which you want to implement in the organization. It is predefined so you don’t have to develop anything, you can just start to work on that. The second application that is present there. Is ideas in general so the front end that will be delivered to your customers internal customers in your organization where people can vote for the ideas, can share the ideas around the campaign so you can see it is simple application that will help you to gather the feedback and ideas across your team or across the organization and it’s free. You can deploy it by few clicks. To add application to your channel. Because this is the place where the app works, just click the add button. And search for employee ID’s and remember the application will deploy two taps, one from management of the ideas and the 2nd that will be delivered to end users. The last but not least application, I would like to recommend you today is issue tracking. Another application provided by Microsoft using power UPS for teams which is more or less some kind of small helpdesk solution for you. So it will be something that will work quite well for the smaller organization. Again you can see you have two tabs in your Microsoft Teams channel managing the issues and issue reporting from perspective. The managing of the issues you can create the categories how you want to. Categorize and gather the feedback from your users about the problems, changes or requests from your organization members. Again, you can see the basic template is more office administration oriented, but you can add additional categories like it. Request a JAR requests or maybe holiday requests. Again, this is very simple solution but could standardize the way in smaller organization how you gather the requests from your team members. If you want to send the request. Again, you have additional tab to do that. Report the issue. You can assign the category. You can see how many of them there are predefined, but again you can switch to your predefined templates which you would like to add here and then manage the whole process in the behind. What is most important, you will see that the requests that are registered in the application will be landing in the planner created behind, so every person that will send the request like this one we are out of paper. Will be saved in the Microsoft Planner created behind the team. So again very simple solution. Working quite smoothly, something that you can adapt to your organization needs without any kind of development. Highly recommend to try it. To add this kind of application to your Microsoft Teams channel, just select plus button and look for the issue reporting solution. This will deploy power up application on your Microsoft Teams channel with two tabs, one for the management and one for the end users to report the issues. Thanks for watching this ranking of top application that I recommend this week. I highly recommend you to spend some time with them to play with them, reconfigure them and see if you can adapt them to what your organization locally need. Feel free to change them to reconfigure them. I believe you will found the right solution. How you can use it to benefit your needs. Again, thank you very much for watching and time spent with me and see you in next video.

Top 5 Microsoft Teams Apps You Should Use in Microsoft 365


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Top 5 Microsoft Teams Apps You Should Use in Microsoft 365