Microsoft Teams is currently the main communications app, next to Outlook.

You can set the status messages in Teams to share additional information with your colleagues.

Microsoft Teams is probably the first app you are checking every morning. Start to use Teams features like out-of-office status, meetings backgrounds and Public Preview features.

Using more advanced functions of Teams could help you to be more productive and save your time.

Learn how to set up Microsoft Teams status messages.

Microsoft Teams status messages


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What is Status Message in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams allows you to set up the status that will represent your availability for other users.

Microsoft Teams status messages

There are multiple statuses that you can use:

  • Available – I’m available for collaboration and chat. Feel free to reach out to me 🙂
  • Busy –  I’m busy with something. Reach out to me only if you must.
  • Do not disturb – I’m super busy. Please do not reach out to me.
  • Be right back – I’m away but I will be back in the moment.
  • Appear away – I’m hiding for a moment. It looks like I’m away from the keyboard.
  • Appear offline – I’m hiding for a moment. It looks like I’m offline.

How to set up Status message in Teams?

Moreover, you can additional message that will be presented in Microsoft Teams. It could work as some kind of status or automatic reply message that will be visible to your colleagues.

Microsoft Teams status messages

When you are setting up the status message you can set the Content of the status (1), decide (2) if the message should be visible to people who try to chat with you, and set when the message should be cleared out (3).

Microsoft Teams status messages

It is also possible to sync your message with out-of-office status in Microsoft Outlook.

How Microsoft Teams message looks like

You can wonder how your status message will be displayed on other users’ Teams apps. Below you will find examples of the way how the status message is presented in Teams.

Status message presented on the user profile.

Microsoft Teams status messages

Status message visible in the chat window after somebody will write to you.

Microsoft Teams status messages

Microsoft Teams status message examples

If you are looking for ideas and examples of status messages that you can use in Microsoft Teams here you will find a few samples.

Examples of Available status messages in Teams

  • I’m available for collaboration and chat. Feel free to reach out to me 🙂
  • I’m here 😉 Just write to me
  • I’m online. Let’s chat!

Examples of Busy status messages in Teams

  • I’m busy with something. Reach out to me only if you must. Thanks.
  • I’m quite busy. Try to catch me later. Thx!
  • I’m working. I will be available soon.

Examples of offline, out-of-office, leave status messages in Teams

  • I’m not available at the moment. Please contact my colleague:
  • I’m on holiday leave without access to Teams. Catch me on 01.02.2023.
  • I’m offline. Leave a chat message. I will get back to you soon.

Why Teams status not updating and how to fix it?

Sometimes you or your users could meet the situation when a status message in Microsoft Teams does not update. There are multiple elements that could impact the Teams work and your status message there. In this paragraph, I would like to help to understand why Teams status not updating and how to fix the most common problem with Teams status messages.

Microsoft Teams services have a hiccup

You could face a case where Microsoft Teams service is down or have time-limited problems. First, check if Microsoft 365 services are down. In such a case here are the ways to workaround problems with Teams:

1. Wait 15 minutes. I know this advice sounds terrible, but in many cases, it could be a short-term problem present only for the moment.

2. Reset Teams status. You can try to reset the Teams status message. Open your profile (1), go to status (2) and select the Reset status (3) button.

Microsoft Teams status messages

3. Turn off VPN. You can be connected to your company network using VPN. In many cases, that kind of VPN connection will block the work of your Teams app.

Your Teams app does not work properly

Microsoft Teams works on your computer as an application. Like every app, Teams can also break. To fix problems with your status message you will need to fix your Teams app.

1. Check the web version of Teams. In cases when your local Teams app does not work check if the same problem will be present in the Teams online app.

2. Try to update your Teams app. Open the settings (1) and click on the Check for updates (2) button.

Microsoft Teams status messages

3.  Clear Teams cache. Open the Run option using Windows + R and open “%appdata%\Microsoft\Teams”. Delete all folders available in this location and restart the Microsoft Teams app.

Microsoft Teams status messages

4.  Check your calendar. It could be that your calendar contains specific events. Outlook sync your availability with Microsoft Teams. Delete unwanted events in the calendar.

What’s next?

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Learn how to use and set up status messages in Microsoft Teams. Find examples and ideas for the Teams status message.

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