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The final step of the creation of SharePoint Online as Intranet is the creation of the Intranet landing page

Modern Communication converted to Hub Site address the best way possible to create an Intranet landing page in Modern SharePoint.

Business case

Intranet landing page should be the starting point for all employees. Business users should have the possibility to find here key business information and links to all other valuable spaces.

SharePoint Online as Intranet portal


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Modern Communication Site as a site template is the best choice for the Intranet Portal. Moreover converting the site to the Hub Site will extend the functionality of the site for the:

  • centralized navigation
  • gathering and summarising the data from all associated sites
  • building a centralized site connected in the one architecture.

To the final internet portal, you can connect additional team sites which will be dedicated for the teams but at the same time will deliver the data to the landing page.

Integration with Office 365 collaboration tools will give your team great possibilities to use SharePoint site as a centralized starting space for your team.

Almost all modern web parts allow you to load the data from the sites associated with the hub site. You can easily use Intranet Landing Page to aggregate and present data across the hub.

SharePoint Online as Intranet portal

This kind of approach simplify the content delivery and building business user engagement across sites associated with the Intranet Landing Page.

Technical Solution

Top 5 features you should publish on your Modern SharePoint Intranet Landing Page to improve engagement on your site.

SharePoint Online as Intranet portal


SharePoint Online as Intranet portal

On the top of your intranet portal you can use Hero Web part to move your business users to most important spaces access your Intranet Portal. This component is extremely simple to be configured. Unfortunately, it is not yet dynamic. If you would like to change it you will need to reconfigure it.


SharePoint Online as Intranet portal

Publication of the news and global announcements is one of the most valuable parts of the Intranet. Business users should find here information from other teams and all official corporate-wide announcements. Sharing here a communication from C-Level Management could build a strong interest in using the Intranet portal.  Moreover, published articles could be also used to send the newsletter.

Document Center

SharePoint Online as Intranet portal

SharePoint Intranet is a great space to share the most important documents in the organization. Using Document Library allows you to give your colleagues easy access to documents, like:

  • Procedures
  • Document templates
  • Corporate presentation templates
  • HR / Administration documents
  • Forms & templates

General information

SharePoint Online as Intranet portal
SharePoint Online as Intranet portal

Publishing general company information will be useful for every employee. Intranet landing page should be the first choice to look for such information. Elements you should publish:

  • Video presentation via Stream
  • Picture gallery
  • Contact information
  • Events calendar

All of them are very simple and give you quick value to your page.

App Finder

SharePoint Online as Intranet portal

Sharing with users up to date links to most often used applications will make them go back to site every day. Try Quick Links web part and add hyperlinks to your applications.


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